Summer music update!

Although I have been quite busy working this summer, I always make time to download and listen to new music. I am constantly updating my phone with new songs from pretty much every genre. It’s important to always make time to sit down, relax, and discover some new music. It can really give you a new outlook on things.

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Here’s what I’ve recently been into:

“Talk Is Cheap” by Chet Faker. I found this song from someone I follow on Twitter, they posted the lyrics on twitter and they were so beautiful I had to look them up. The song has a slow R&B beat with what sounds like a soaring saxophone leading into the chorus. Faker’s voice is a classic alternative manly man voice. At first listen, you don’t understand where this song is going but just wait, its so good.

“Pills N Potions” by Nicki Minaj. The spitfire rapper is back! But her latest single gives us a different Nicki; a more emotional woman. A soft less aggressive Nicki sweetly sings “Pills n potions, were overdosing, I’m angry, but I still love you”. The verses keep her witty lyrics and rhythm. This song is extremely catchy and will tear up the charts.

“Chandelier” by Sia. I have been a fan of Sia for a while and could not be more excited for her new album coming out July 8th. Her voice is truly unbelievable and she doesn’t get enough credit for her immense talent (she helped write and record Lea Michele’s debut album). “Chandelier’s” music video has been the talk of the music town as we see 11-year old dancer Maddie Ziegler lyrically dance into your soul. A stunning performance on the Ellen show a few days later proved two things: Sia CAN sing live and Maddie is an absolute FIRE. That girl is going places. The song is just fantastic.

“Drowning” by Banks. If you’ve read my blog you probably know I am a huge Banks fan. She is a Queen in my eyes and I love everything she puts into her music. “Drowning” keeps her R&B sultry sound with a faster pace as her haunting voice sings out another stupid guy; “What do you gain by the names that you’re calling me?” Get it girl!

“Another’s Arms” by Coldplay. I was immediately drawn to this song when I started listening to the “Ghost Stories” album on my way to work in the mornings. The opera-like womanly echoing voice stays imprinted in your head throughout your day–but in a good way. As usual, Martin’s voice, the sweet piano, and steady drums are the perfect ingredients for another number one single.



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