Ed Sheeran’s on my ‘A’ list

He came on the scene with “A Team” which in my mind does not do his talent any justice. In his recent documentary with MTV called “NIne Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran” he admits to having the sophomore CD itch that most artists get, explaining that the second album is always make or break. Which is totally true; you start out stellar, everyone loves you, then everyone has expectations for what you’ll be putting out next. I’d be worried if you didn’t feel the pressure.

Ed’s first album “+” came out in 2011 and supplied him with a doorway to the pop kingdom. His one worry? How long will he have the key…

Taylor Swift and Pharrell Williams both give blurbs throughout the documentary praising the singer/songwriter on his past, his future, and him. Taylor talks about how unique Ed is, because of how he makes his music; his rhythmic patterns in songs are something that no one else is doing (she’s totally right). Pharrell later says “He’s a singer/songwriter and he’s kicking everyone’s ass.” Trust Pharrell, the man is secretly behind everything, he’s like a little music God that inserts himself in everything good in the music scene.

Sheeran’s appreciation for music is seen throughout this documentary as we see him reliving his first experiences with music back in his childhood school, his confession to being basically homeless for some time as he slept on random couches trying to make it in this world. The point is: he never gave up. He just kept singing and kept playing gigs and life happened in the most beautiful way.

One of Sheeran’s songs off the album titled “One” is the Ed we first met back in 2011. An absolutely perfect guitar melody fitting his sweet poetry of lyrics. Sheeran says “I would say I make music for women to cry and eat ice cream to…” What an accurate statement. His first single off the album is “Sing” and sang up the charts in no time. After the success of “Sing” Sheeran knew the album would be just what everyone wanted.

Sheeran admits he has always been in love with hip-hop music and really tried to incorporate that side of him on this next album “x” coming out June 23rd. Another new song off the album “Don’t” shows his talent with angst filled rhythm and wording and a stomping vibe you could picture playing in a dark pub somewhere.

Ed Sheeran seems to be doing the right thing and I believe this CD will prove he is at an all time high right now and for all the right reasons; he earned it.


Image from: giphy.com