Fav summer workout songs!

So I have to admit, having two jobs is very tiring. But I’ve realized that I will not get any healthier by sitting in the recliner binge watching Gossip Girl and drinking massive amounts of Snapple. I have been trying to work out every day, if not every day then every other day and it really has done great things for me, physically and mentally. I’m going to be honest, my self confidence meter isn’t exactly through the roof so this is something I really needed to do for myself.

And the magazines are right, you can’t just workout and expect to look like Cameron Diaz overnight (her arms are my inspiration…so so toned…) Eating healthier and watching your portions are seriously key. Trust me, you are reading a blog post written by someone who regularly buys large Slim Jims and Almond Joy’s at Wal-Mart. But to feel better about yourself you have to love yourself and feeling your best is how you get there. Kind of like a math equation.

Anyways, I can not get a good workout if I don’t have a solid workout playlist on my phone (also accompanied by the muscle and sweat emojis…duh) I have recently found some straight up hot jams and I would LOVE to share!

1.) “High You Are (Branchez Remix)” by What So Not. The perfect blend of a knockout female voice accompanied by a string of electronic beats to help you beat up those squats.

2.) “Tell Me” by RL Grime. Randomly found this song on Kendall Jenner’s Vine one day. Funny what a random 6 second video can do for someone. The drop is sick and the bass kills that fat!

3.) “Swine” by Lady Gaga. This song proves Gaga can really make a crazy dope dance beat. The song really builds (kind of like your muscles should after you workout to it).

4.) “Higher (feat. JAY Z)” by Just Blaze and Baauer. Talk about workin’ it out. “Higher” is my absolute favorite song to sweat it out to. Jay-Z’s high energy rap mixed with a big drop is bound to fulfill a good workout.

5.) “Black Skinhead” by Kanye West. Yes…that’s all I can say YES!!! Yeezus kills this song and its superb.



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One thought on “Fav summer workout songs!

  1. Great topic Abbey.

    Always interesting when I talk to friends about what songs they workout too or if they are an athlete, what tune they listen to before a big game. I would think the list would be much different for men and women. Something loud would at least be one commonality though.


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