How I feel…

Music artists have been buzzing in the news lately and I wanted to give my input. Not that my voice is very important, but maybe some of you will agree with me?

1.) Beyoncé and Jay-Z breakup rumo… Imma let you finish but Beyoncé and Jay-Z have the best PR team of all time. I personally believe they are planting these rumors and now they are making even more money. Posting lovey Instagram pictures is Beyoncé’s way of saying “Ya’ll are wrong, we love each other.” Besides they are the royal family, they don’t break up!

b and j

Come on!!! no just no.


2.) Ariana Grande: This girl is hot as hell right now. She has three songs in the top ten on iTunes right now. Like what?! She’s pulling a Katy Perry circa Teenage Dream with these singles. Her new album “My Everything” is going to shatter the music scene.



3.) Justin Bieber: He is turning into one of those musicians who’s cool for a while and then turns stupid and doesn’t do his job anymore. Remember when he used to say it’s all about the fans, it’s all about the music? All he’s famous for now is peeing in buckets and partying with Kylie Jenner. He needs to get his act together and remind himself of why he is at the level of fame he is at today. I’d hate to see another pop star go to waste…



4.) Nicki Minaj: I mean come on, we have all seen that God awful way too revealing single artwork with Nicki wearing not a single thing… She went from Pills N Potions to thongs and garbage. I don’t know if she was even thinking when she created this song. First of all, it’s a rip off, of course. I thought we had hope for a ‘new’ Nicki but maybe not?



5.) Kings of Leon bus crash: Drummer Nathan Followill has broken ribs due to a tour bus accident. The rest of their August tour dates are now cancelled. What a sucky way to spend the rest of your August… Followill reassured fans he is alive and well saying “Saw a tweet that said I had died. Not quite, but it feels close. Who knew that you use your ribs for EVERYTHING.” I was thinking about seeing Kings of Leon when they come around here in a week, but I guess I’m glad I never got the tickets. It’s not a true KOL show without Nathan. GET WELL SOON!

Nathan Followill tweets update from hospital following bus crash

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