Maroon 1???

Let’s be real, we all love Maroon 5 for one reason…

Adam freaking Levine…

Even grown men can admit as my college Professor did the other day…this man is sexy as hell.

Maroon 5’s new album “V” hit stores (or more appropriately, iTunes) this past week and brought us what some are calling “The Adam Levine album.” Maybe its the tattoos, the biceps, the scruff…NOPE. It’s all that plus the VOICE. The VOICE SENT FROM HEAVEN. Seriously…

“V” gives us the pop we incoherently love from Maroon 5, but also gives us the sexy coffee shop love songs we so vaguely remember circa 2002’s “Songs About Jane” album. One of these is the way too steamy “Sex and Candy.” The slow drum beat, swoony vocals, easy going piano, and crooning guitar show us a whole new Maroon 5. Damn, this song is fire.

This album definitely is their most pop and seems to be pulling more electronic and dance themes as we hear on “New Love”, “Coming Back For You”, and the runway-like “Feelings.” They all sound like a mixture of spaceship pop…I don’t know how else to describe it.

Maroon 5’s straight to the top pop songs are also featured on this album. Yes, that includes “Maps” which I can’t even listen to, it is so overplayed and definitely NOT my favorite Maroon 5 song. “Animals” is also on the rise as we hear on the Kia car commercial. The song has sexy raw lyrics; “But we get along when I’m inside you, you’re like a drug that’s killing me…” similar to one of Maroon’s older hits “This Love” saying “I tried my best to feed her appetite, keep her coming every night…” both seem to parallel each other very well. “Animals” seems to be the next single as Levine teased on his Twitter a couple of days ago saying “#ANIMALS”. The picture shows him and VS model wife Behati Prinsloo covered in blood looking all hot and sweaty at what could be a music video shoot?! Yup, we’ll watch it… /506817227795222528/photo/1

“It Was Always You” and “Sugar” also give us the classic Maroon 5 sound we love hearing 50 million times a day on the radio. The thing I love about “It Was Always You” is it has this retro 80’s vibe to it. The break down after the chorus shows Adam’s sleek voice almost auto tuned to perfection as the hard beat continues behind him. Add the beachy guitars and Maroon 5 has you hooked yet again.

“Sugar” is one of my favorites off of the album right now. It’s a fun extremely catchy cliché pop song, but I LOVE IT. Any chance to hear a good falsetto chorus from Mr. Levine and I’m in!!

We also get some fab ballad-y love songs like the epic “Unkiss Me” that leaves you wanting more after hearing the powerful chorus; “unkiss me, untouch me, untake this heart…” “My Heart Is Open” featuring pop veteran Gwen Stefani could be the next “Say Something” but without as many tears… The lyrics are realistic and simple storytelling at its finest.

There are definitely some songs I could do without on this album, but they got me listening so I guess they did their job well. GOOD JOB BOYS or Adam Levine?