Panama please!!

I have been meaning to write about these fellows for quite some time now and at 1:24 a.m. on a Thursday or Friday?, I am getting around to it!

Who knew a random summer day devoted to cleaning along to the Music Choice channel on my TV would leave me falling in love with a new alternative band “Panama” from Sydney, Australia.

I seem to always remember everything I was doing the day I discovered a new band. I dropped the dusting spray and scrambled for my phone to quickly write down the name and artist of the song in my notes app on my phone (which holds a laundry list of artists/songs that I need to look up and buy.)

On their website, they describe themselves as “hopeful house enthusiasts and purveyors of nostalgic electronic sounds.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

So allow me to dive in. My favorite track is… I don’t have one, because I have fallen in love with almost every song. “Always” is the first song I heard. The enchanting electronic sounds and choppy piano lit a fuse in my head; I immediately LOVED it. The chorus chants “Always, I’ll remember you” in a truly powerful build up.

A cute piano intro, soft clapping, and other random sounds lead you into the sultry “How We Feel.” This song has a really cool ‘friend to lover’ theme with an insane electronic-disco-y vibe. Panama’s musical supply is just so unique, that you can’t help but keep listening.

Panama can only be explained with feelings. I think one of the reasons why I love alternative music so much is because it’s all about the feelings and the vibes. I get so addicted to a pulsating hook or an intoxicating piano melody- and that’s what Panama gives me.

Here are things Panama FEELS like:

-A starry night

-When someone holds your hand

-A long drive through tree lined roads

-Friday; mid afternoon (to be exact)

-Bedroom dancing in your pajamas

I read somewhere, but don’t remember where, that the lead singer is a trained pianist, which would make sense considering the gorgeous piano influence on many of their songs.

Being a trained musician means one thing: You have an artistic mind. Having an artistic mind gives you inspiration to try new things, mix genres, add crazy instruments, as we hear on the track “It’s Not Over” (one of my other favorites.) Throughout the song you hear so many different sounds, its hard to decipher what most of them are. Synths seem to start out the song, then some sort of drum/percussion beat, haunting back vocals sporadically, what sounds like a xylophone?, more electronic synth work, and heavy bass and drums near the end. I mean come on, how can something that crazy even work, but guess what? IT DOES!

My point is, these guys deserve a bigger recognition than what they are getting right now.

Their latest album “Always” (released this year) is definitely my favorite right now. They also have a new single that came out in August, called “Stay Forever” which is slowly seeping into my heart, minute by minute as I type.

Look them up and LISTEN. Nobody listens anymore, they don’t have time. People click and click all the time. How about CLICK then LISTEN. You may find a new life anthem, or maybe just a song you can sing to in your bedroom…in your pajamas…
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