Not so GLEE-ful…

I’m going to be brutally honest here. I have watched the TV show Glee since day one. I was on Team Quinn when she was pregnant. I cried when Finn dropped Rachel off at the train station to send her on her way to New York City. I rooted for Kurt and Blaine even though I think Kurt can be extremely whiny and annoying. And I stared at my TV in shock when the headline “Glee star Cory Monteith found dead” flashed across the screen. For some reason I’ll always be attached to the show and this season will be no different. I will sit down on the couch this Friday and watch the last season premiere of Glee.

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Now let’s move on to why I’m angry. I can’t even explain how much I disagree with the shift in music on Glee. I used to go to iTunes after every episode and download almost the entire soundtrack, because I loved the new renditions, the harmonies, and the solos. My love for the music has decreased through the seasons. I feel like the show went more mainstream at some points. The characters ended up singing the songs I hated that were played on the radio 10000 times a day. I miss the good ole days with themed episodes (Madonna, Michael Jackson…etc) and emotional acoustic performances when everyone was struggling with zits and their sexuality. I wanted MORE from Glee. I knew they could do better and I wished and wished they would.

Clicking open my iTunes this morning and there it was…the music from the season premiere ready to purchase. I only liked one of them… the powerful cover of Alanis Morissette’s “Uninvited” sung by the lovely Lea Michele (who can do no wrong). The others were cliche renditions of top 40 babies like, “Sing”, “Problem”, and “Let It Go” (BARF). It’s not that they aren’t good, it’s just BORING. I want something that makes me feel. Despite the disappointing choice of music for this episode I do have hope that this season will be better just due to the fact that most of the original cast is back, which means better singing and even better acting. The talent they have on this show is so so incredible, I feel like it’s going to waste. Darren Criss has a fantastic voice and is one of my personal favorites on the show. Lea Michele… come on, I couldn’t love her any more if my life depended on it. Naya Rivera has a beautiful alto voice and even Matt Morrison can kill a ballad. I know this is the last season and I hope it gets better, so this show can truly go out with a bang!

Let’s re-live the glory days of Glee with some of my personal favorites…AKA- LISTEN TO THESE ASAP!


Oh my Lord, girl power. God bless you Whitney.


These two sound impeccable together.


You gotta love The Warblers; flawless…


Girl power again. Damn, this makes me cry every time.


Love. Love. LOVE!

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Tune into FOX on Friday, January 9th for the two hour season premiere of Glee at 8 pm.