2015 Grammy’s: Powerful and Surprising

This years Grammy Awards just felt different. Duets were flourishing, (Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani & Adam Levine…etc), Oldies came back to life (AC/DC, Annie Lennox, Stevie Wonder…etc), and Madonna was the only risqué performer (absolutely awful, not to mention showing her cheeks on the red carpet…EW).

Every performance felt heartfelt and emotional. The Grammy’s took a stance and showed that music is a powerful tool that can create change in the world. John Legend & Common gave a flawless performance of their empowering song “Glory” from the movie Selma. I feel like people forget about Common (guilty), but he really proved his rapping chops on that stage. And John Legend is perfect as always. Katy Perry delivered her spiritual song, “By the Grace of God” after a moving speech given by a domestic violence survivor. I am so happy she sang this song. It’s one of the most beautiful songs Perry has and I thought I would never get to hear it live and she proved me wrong. It was simple, meaningful, and her voice sounded better than ever. And Beyoncé….. oh my Lord. She brought the house DOWN. I felt like I was in a church and Beyoncé was giving the sermon. She didn’t need to dance, or wear a leotard, or even grind on her hubby. It was all real power and vocal strength. Ariana Grande also joined in on the emotional fun performing her ballad, “Just A Little Bit of Your Heart”. I love seeing Ariana just using her voice and nothing else. It looks so easy for her to sing those massive notes and its really gorgeous to listen to. Props to her, she looked amazing.


Sia performed her song “Chandelier” and it was magnificent as always. With her nude leotard dancers in tow (Maddie Ziegler and Kristen Wiig…yes you read that right) Sia proved she doesn’t need to be out in the public eye to get her message across. She also doesn’t need to show her face to prove to people that her voice is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. I have been such a fan for a long time and to see her do her thing on that stage was so freaking cool.

image via bing.com
image via bing.com

Sam Smith, the man of the night. Won four awards for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist, and Best Pop Vocal Album. I couldn’t be happier for him. He deserved all of these and more. In the Lonely Hour is an album that will withstand the test of time as one of the greatest albums of all time. His honesty and vocal prowess is absolutely brilliant. Not to mention he has perfected the art of songwriting. And HELLO to that performance with Mary J Blige. So much soul on one stage, I almost fell to the floor… Their voices together and those vocal runs could make me convert to whatever church mass I watched last night.

sam smith and mjb

Another winner I am proud of is….

image via giphy.com
image via giphy.com

PARAMORE!!!!!!! You guys, they won Best Rock Song for “Ain’t It Fun”. I could not be more excited. These guys deserved this one so bad!!! Everyone fell in love with this song last year and they finally got some recognition for it. So CONGRATS to my best friends who just won a GRAMMY!!

Ok… you guys I HAVE to bring it up… I know Beyoncé didn’t win for Album of the Year and yes I’m upset… I’m sure deep down inside B was all like:

gif via giphy.com
gif via giphy.com

But I thought it was really unnecessary how mean people were to Beck. Don’t get me wrong, I was angry, but he’s an artist as well and this morning when I checked iTunes guess who’s album was number one? Beck’s. So touché to him for beating Beyoncé, he pissed a lot of people off but what an accomplishment. I will now go listen to Beck’s album because he won this award and I think other people will do the same. And I promise Beyoncé is going to be fine. She’s accomplished so much in her life and this is not stopping her soul train anytime soon.

Overall, the Grammy’s were diverse and touched on the most important element of music; the lyrics. Songs, albums, and artists can truly impact the world and the Grammy’s did a wonderful job of highlighting that. If you get a chance to watch the whole show, I highly recommend it!



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