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Sometimes when I get some free time, I like to go on iTunes and do some musical exploring. Today, I found the band Tropics. Then I KICKED MYSELF for not listening to them sooner. The new album Rapture is a sensual mix of electronic influences with hinges of R&B beats. This is a CD I could listen to on repeat while sitting on my white and blue wrap-around porch while sipping a steaming cup of blueberry tea. Or maybe I could squish my toes in the sand and fall asleep on a beach towel.

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Singer, Chris Ward’s voice is incredibly suave to listen to. Think if Majid Jordan had a baby with The Weeknd…BAM. You now have Tropics. Ward almost skims along every note, like he’s asking you to pay attention to every word. “Love is a hard thing to capture, when you keep it all inside” are the haunting lyrics sung on the title track “Rapture”. An extremely catchy tune, reminiscent of young Fleetwood Mac piano chords and a simple backbeat. This song stands out among the rest as a testament to the promise of love.

Tropics are an acquired sound. I imagine not everyone could enjoy and appreciate the album start to finish like I could. So that’s why I’m talking about it. I love musicians who go against the grain and make music different. This music appeals to me, because I am a fan of R&B and some electronic. People who are fans of both genres will be able to find a happy balance on Rapture. Not to mention the subtle jazz hints sprinkled throughout the album which make it even more decadent.

The detail to music is also refreshing to see. It’s hard now a days to find music with so much emotion using so little words. Every song has it’s own vibe going on and puts you almost in a meditative state. “Home & Consonance” is complete with an intoxicating drum beat, xylophone? and what sounds to be some piano? This magical fusion of instruments can only do one thing; leave you inspired.

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Maybe I’m just a sucker for a good vibe.

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