Music Video Roundup!

This week brought fans three new music videos to obsess over:

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Hozier’s “Work Song” is a romantic slow-paced love song. The lyrics are as smooth as a handwritten poem from the 1800’s. Every word pulls at your emotions as Hozier’s voice encompasses the true meaning of love; “My babe would never fret none, about what my hands and my body done, if the Lord don’t forgive me, I’d still have my baby and my babe would have me.”

The music video shows a simple dance between couples in the crowd at a Hozier show. Eyes close as fingers trace every outline of the body as you feel the emotional pull of every lyric. The video embodies the true essence of the song. “Work Song” is about everlasting love; “When, my, time comes around, lay me gently in the cold dark earth, no grave can hold my body down, I’ll crawl home to her.”

With a song like this, the music video could easily be over exaggerated by grandiose things, because the message is so heavy while the musical composition is so light yet powerful. But Hozier and the director did a spot-on job at doing the song justice. Taking the simple approach always works out well.

Florence and the Machine’s “St. Jude” music video was released on Monday. Littered in religious context, Florence is seen lost and damp floating through a town trying to find her inner peace. We see her pining over a brooding mysterious man, who seems to be her savior but as suggested by the lyrics, is also the man who broke her; “Another conversation with no destination, another battle; never won, and each side is a loser, so who cares who fired the gun?” Although “Jude” is about heartbreak, I think it’s also about being ok with your heartbreak and realizing that you’re only human, as Florence sings in the song, “And I’m learning, so I’m leaving, and even though I’m grieving, I’m trying to find the meaning, let loss reveal it.”

The blue moody-toned video ends with Florence’s arms stretched out to an open sky of flying birds, possibly signifying freedom. Freedom from what is the question; religion? love? unhappiness? Florence never ceases to impress me with her impeccable lyrics. She manages to keep religion alive in her music by highlighting its beauty and simple intervention in our lives. “St. Jude” is exquisite.

Ed Sheeran is back with another captivating music video for his song called “Bloodstream” also featuring help from the electronic duo Disclosure. This video tells a story of a “has-been”/wealthy man who once had it all, but is now left with the ruins of alcohol, women, and drugs; “Couple women by my side, I got sinning on my mind, sipping on red wine.” Who else could play this role better than Ray Liotta? The infamous bad boy himself. Nothing can match his sly grin and baby blues.

“Bloodstream” gives sufficient imagery into what it’s like to numb your body to reality; “One or two could free my mind. this is how it ends, I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream.” You feel a sense of loneliness throughout the song signifying a loss of happiness, love, and possibly a future, which Liotta hints at as he gazes into the camera, longing for a new life, or maybe just an end to the pain. I think this video is one of Sheeran’s most artistic, especially in the way it was shot. It focuses on specific staged moments that present the emotions in a larger more epic way. Not to mention, Sheeran’s voice beautifully compliments the leading guitar and slight dance beat of the song.