Music Mondays: Somebody Loves You

Somebody Loves You
The happy, upbeat, and poppy tones of “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who, emanates such a summer feeling; walking down the street or cruising around town just jamming out. Showing off your individuality, personality, and creative style is a major message throughout the music video. What’s not better than creating a cool and fun new look for summer with playful colors and retro shapes. These are key components for pairing an outfit together or even adding to your own street style that really reflects the mood of the song. Go check out the music video and write up for yourself below!

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“Somebody Loves You” is featured on sweet as sugar, Betty Who’s debut album titled Take Me When You Go. Who’s message is simple; no one is alone, someone will always love you. An anthem-like chorus chants “Somebody misses you when you’re away, they wanna wake up with you everyday.” Featuring classic drum beats, pop synths reminiscent of the 80’s, and Who’s powerhouse vocals filling your heart with glorious warmth, “Somebody Loves You” is the feel-good song everyone can dance to. Simple yet powerful lyrics prove to be Who’s strong suit.
By: Abbey xoxo