Music Mondays: Jump Hi

Jump Hi

 Key Item: Overalls!

Key Materials: Flowy fabrics and ripped denim.

Shoe Situation: Love these all over rubberized leather converse.

Accessory Must: Mirrored Dior sunglasses and a chunky gold chain.

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Lion Babe’s “Jump Hi” is spilling over the top with energy and rhythmic beats that leave you with nothing but good vibes to start your day. Lead singer, Jillian Hervey empowers listeners with lyrics like, “Tie me down, try to hold me up, but the wall ain’t high enough.” A futuristic mixture of electronics and R&B beats croon alongside Hervey’s gorgeously sassy voice. “Jump Hi” is the song you hear playing on the street corner that makes you immediately “feel good”. Rapper Childish Gambino hops in for a quick rhyme or two saying, “They hate on your shine because they know the story, thrown to the wolves but your drive so Mowgli.” The song, in some ways, toys with the “never give up” message. Jump as high as you can, who cares what the haters say. PREACH!
-Abbey 🙂