photo via http://images.junostatic.com
photo via http://images.junostatic.com

“All you sinners stand up, sing hallelujah!” are the first words spit out of lead singer, Brendan Urie’s mouth on Panic! at the Disco’s new single, “Hallelujah”. A song clearly about the faults we all make as human beings. No one’s perfect, and especially the man in the song, who seems to have cheated on his significant other; “My life started the day I got caught under the covers, with secondhand lovers, oh, tied up in pretty young things.”

photo via http://popclash.com.br
photo via http://popclash.com.br

The song itself has a glorious vibe to it, almost redemption like as Urie sings, “Let it move right through ya, say your prayers.” Although “Hallelujah” seems to be an apology, it also serves as a sermon with some quick life lessons (“You’ll never know if you don’t ever try again, so let’s try”), and a plea to a loved one for forgiveness (“And you miss them like you miss no other”) and a better future.

A pounding drum beat and exceptionally high falsetto notes from Mr. Urie litter every second of this song. Panic! always have a way of making extremely addicting songs (“This Is Gospel”). Most of their songs are high energy, powerful, and uplifting (for the most part). I often forget they exist, but they do!

Lead singer Brendan Urie  photo via http://www.billboard.com
Lead singer Brendan Urie
photo via http://www.billboard.com

The band has actually been around for 10 years and have gone through several line-up changes. Urie is now the only original members saying recently to KROQ radio station, “For me, its never changed, I’ve always loved doing this, I love this job and its something I never want to let go of.” Urie then explained the “Hallelujah’s” meaning, “It’s a relationship hallelujah in a couple different ways. When you have to own up to your mistakes, praise that, as long as you take responsibility for your actions, everything else can fall into place.”

-Abbey 🙂