My friends are talented

Sometime you meet people in your life and realize “Wow, these people are really talented.” Yes, these people are my friends and they are crazy talented. I’m doing this blog post, because they deserve success and they deserve their dreams. These guys are passionate about music and have a strong desire to share it with others.

So read, listen, and click along to hear more from these guys. Their futures are insanely bright.

I Am Fighting – Joseph Gehrmann – Dark Pop – New York City, NY


He recently started doing a singing series called “Sub Sing Series”. Joe, with guitar in tow, heads to the subway to inspire others with his musical talent. He meets other talented folks along the way and records all of it for people to hear. Gehrmann says he hopes to “embrace, follow, and chase my dream. And to be grateful for all the people and opportunities I meet along the way.”


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Coffee Eyes – Rob McCall – Acoustic Alternative – Syracuse, NY


Rob McCall has a passion for acoustic music and hearty lyrics. McCall says, “This year I really want to put myself out there as an artist. I want to work with other musicians, play open mics, and really just seek opportunities in which people want to hear original music. Ultimately, what I hope to get out of this year is growth; growth in my abilities, my network, and with the connections I can make with new fans.”

Coffee Eyes’ new adventure this month is a web series for local Syracuse, NY musicians titled “Syracuse TV”. For more information, like their Facebook page:

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Instagram: @_c0ffeeeyes_
Sunflo’er – Ethan Shantie – Experimental Hardcore – Potsdam, NY
Sunflo’er’s debut album titled, “1963”. Album art by Jordy Joe.
 With influences like Converge, Botch, Fear Before the March of Flames, Cursed, La Dispute, and Between the Buried and Me, Sunflo’er’s debut album “1963” will be released digitally on June 23 and on Vinyl and CD this summer. Shantie says, “The writing partners I have in this band are the best I’ve ever had. There’s very little that’s more satisfying than creating something from nothing and putting it out into the world for people to interpret as they want.”
Photo by Bones
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