Music Monday’s: This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf****r

Marron 5

Key Item: Ripped denim shorts

Key Materials: Draped fabric key for summer

Shoe Situation: Adidas Superstar Supercolor pack

Accessory Must: Nude leather snapback

Maroon 5 recently released their newest summer jam which is also featured on the Deluxe Version of their album “V”. Levine’s voice sings insults and compliments to a woman who seems to have it all together while also managing to be a hot mess; “Her body’s like the summer, I’m in a trance or something, her mind is not, no, as sharp as all her diamonds.” Levine makes the woman seem so perfect yet so imperfect that it makes her irresistible. We all have that one friend who has the perfect bikini body and most beautiful boyfriend but can’t pass any of her classes right?! Add in electro synths, a kick-ass bass line, and some major 80’s envy and you’ve got yourself another number one hit. Maroon 5 know exactly what we wanna hear at every hot summer pool party, and this is it. It’s chant-worthy feel good pop that will be playing on repeat for days. Touché boys, you’ve done it again.

-Abbey 🙂