California Dreaming

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Maybe its just me, but California influences seem to be everywhere these days. Whether it be a show on the E! Network, a palm tree swimsuit on the racks in Forever 21 or even new music brimming with West Coast inspiration. I can’t deny my dreams of going to California are still very much alive in me and I hope to experience the sunny culture ASAP.

Here are some California-esque songs that have been fulfilling my dreams lately:

“L$D” by A$AP Rocky: I have to admit I’m not the biggest A$AP fan, but here me out…This song is featured on Rocky’s new album that dropped last week, titled AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP. The drug reference is not hard to decipher, but it’s the music that makes it so cool. Rocky emulates a dream-like quality with his voice sounding the softest we’ve ever heard it. The easy-going vocals and soaring psychedelics take you on a trip through time to the dirty and free fields of Woodstock while still keeping modern R&B/electronic vibes.

“You & Me (feat. W. Darling)” by Bassnectar: I plucked this song from the just released movie trailer for “We Are Your Friends” starring Zac Efron as a newcomer DJ in the Hollywood dance music scene. The trailer features this song, among many others, as we get a quick glimpse into the magical and inspiring life of a DJ under the hot California palm trees. Breathe-y vocals with a striking message of unity tie the song together in a beautiful way.

“Holding On (feat. Gregory Porter)” by Disclosure: This song ooooooozes runway chic. The second you hear the heavy backbeat you picture a sleek tall model strutting her stuff down a California catwalk; sunglasses and oversized tote bag in tow. Dance duo Disclosure always bring their A-game and “Holding On” is incredibly different from what we hear on the radio everyday. Shout out to Gregory Porter for silky vocals too.

Everything Miguel is cooking up for us: You know I love me some Miguel. His album Wildheart is set to hit stores sometime in June. Miguel has been working on this one for a long time and the album is supposedly influenced by his childhood upbringing in California. Fans already got a taste of these vibes on his new single, “Coffee”. He also gave fans a glimpse at new music a couple months ago with another song titled, “Hollywood Dreams”. Safe to say, this album is going to be dripping in exquisite LA grooves and sultry lyrics.

So grab your green smoothie, your bikini, and hot tan boyfriend and enjoy some new music.

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-Abbey 🙂