Music Monday’s: The Fool

The Fool

Key Item: Clear backpack

Key Materials: Light and flowy fabric

Shoe Situation: Chucky, strapped-leather sandal

Accessory Must: Classic aviator with a lens color pop

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

Think of a young Stevie Nicks dancing in a kimono as fairies float out of her mouth with every lyric in true Florence Welch fashion, that’s Ryn Weaver. “The Fool” is one of the many standout tracks on her debut album The Fool, which was just released this past week. Her lyrics and metaphors are intricate and dripping in enchanting words; “So I curse my stars for a fair game, while you nurse my scars and the old flame.” Weaver recently said at her Bonnaroo performance that “The Fool” is about “Finding someone that’s too good for you once you’ve already been a little f****d up, if you know what I mean.” The music video illustrates the allure of electronic synths through the beauty of nature and a powerful emotional connection between two people. Weaver’s wavering vibrato borders between strong and petite with every twirl through the dull green woods. A powerful bridge verse near the end of the song leads the listener into a gorgeous musical awakening.
-Abbey 🙂