Sevyn is the luckiest number

sevyn streeter

R&B soul beauty Sevyn Streeter’s latest album Shoulda Been There, Pt. 1 features six full length songs and several interludes; a creative decision that hints at a possible Pt. 2? Streeter’s still pretty early in the game but has already collabed with some of the hottest guys in the game; Chris Brown (“Don’t Kill the Fun”), Kid Ink (“nEXT”), and B.o.B (“Shoulda Been There”). It’s no surprise this album is R&B at its finest. Streeter’s voice is airy, sweet, with a tiny hint of sass when needed.

“Don’t Kill the Fun” is a standout track on the album. Mixing some jazzy elements with hip-hop beats and a crooning verse from Chris Brown himself. It’s hard to not love this song after the first 5 seconds of hearing it. The verses are low key, vibey, and sensual. Something that the rest of the album mirrors without a hitch.

Streeter’s opening track is “Let’s Talk About It (Intro)” where she gives a truth pep talk saying, “Honestly, I really just write according to how I feel. If I experience it, I write it, and I make a song out of it and that’s what these records are. I just kinda wanna let ya’ll into the last year and a half of my life and lets talk about it.” Twenty seconds and you immediately feel cool with Sevyn, she seems like a down to Earth chick who leaves her heart in her music.

Featuring classic R&B and the allure of hard hip-hop, Streeter reels you in with every vocal heavy track. “Boomerang” is another standout song. “Boomerang, love shoulda brought your ass home, Boomerang, but I ain’t coming back no more,” Streeter sings with a ‘punch you in the face’ attitude that you can’t help but vibe to.


Sevyn Streeter is KILLING the R&B genre.

-Abbey 🙂