Music Monday’s: All I Do

All I do

Key Item: Longline army green sweater

Key Materials: Leather for Fall

Shoe Situation: All black Nike huarache

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Majid Jordan croons, “All I ever do is think of you, too much, you mine, you mine.” R&B beats and Vogue-esque dance tones fill this sultry song up to the brim with good vibes. Bopping your head and shaking your hips will ensue. This Canadian duo, co-founded by friend and fellow artist, Drake are transitioning R&B into a more beautiful experience, adding electronic sounds and echoing vocals to represent the magic behind lead singer, Majid Al Maskati’s voice. “All I Do” is one of their only upbeat songs, that you could actually dance to. It comes off their EP titled A Place Like This, released in 2014. The lasting effects of this song will get stuck in your head, almost in a hypnotizing way. A lot of people don’t know about Majid Jordan, and they should, because the production behind each song is truly something to worship. They are one of the most original sounds in the music scene right now.

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