HOTline Bling covers

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I know when that Hotline Bling, that can only mean one thing…COVERS. Recently, several artists have been hopping on the Drake bandwagon. His song, “Hotline Bling” features a tropical vibe leaving you saying, “Wait, he’s actually singing, he’s not even rapping.” The song is so addicting, I finally get why it’s so hot…get it?

1.) Alessia Cara: This soulful newcomer performs the song acoustic. Her rendition sounds so natural and beautiful, it’s almost impossible to believe it’s actually by Drake. My favorite by far.

2.) Disclosure & Sam Smith: As if you needed another reason to love this triplet. Smith kills the vocals as usual and Disclosure adds a deeper electronic layer to the song. If they released this on iTunes, fans would lose their minds. Absolutely electric.

3.) Charlie Puth & Kehlani: “Hotline Bling” is turned into a piano driven ballad. Puth’s voice is absolutely gorgeous and Kehlani’s harmonies give you instant chills. This duet is as flawless as it gets.

4.) Kalle Mattson: Canadian singer/songwriter transforms “Bling” into a folk-y acoustic guitar driven tune; something you thought you’d never hear. His unique voice takes on each lyric with a punchy tone. Definitely a very cool alternative song to listen to.