Music Monday’s: What A Time To Be Alive


Key Item: Ripped collar crewneck sweater

Key Materials: Destroyed denim

Shoe Situation: Tan Timberlands

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Drake and Future recently released their collab album, What A Time to Be Alive. Both with unique rapping styles, Alive is charged with the usual cockiness you expect from two of the hottest rappers in the game. “Big Rings” brags about having a “really big team” who “need some really big rings.” The infectious bass line brings this song to the top of your workout playlist. One of the most popular songs off the album so far is, “Diamonds Dancing.” Drake and Future take a softer approach vocally while the bass line and hip-hop horns do the rest of the work. “You know what I need, from you, when I get home,” slinks out of Drake’s mouth near the beginning of this track, reminiscent of his Take Care days. Near the end of the 11-track album our ears are graced with, “Jumpman”. This song is what rap is about. It’s fast, catchy, and the beats are so addicting, you literally can’t help but bop to it. Drake and Future pass lyrics back and forth like a basketball on a hot court.