Bieber Video Countdown

In case you live under a rock and missed it, Justin Bieber released 12 music videos a little over two weeks ago. Covering his entire Purpose album. All directed flawlessly by dance-extraordinaire Parris Goebel (she even stars in a couple.) Every video is mesmerizing and match the songs in unspeakable ways. Here are my top 5!

1.) “Company”: Hands down, my favorite song off the album. The video features a couple chasing each other around neon lights and a saucy hotel room soirée closes the video in a very sexy way.

2.) “Where Are Ü Now” – I’m still jamming to this song months and months later. Talented dancers sliding and flipping through grocery store aisles? I’M SOLD.

3.) “Children” – The energy from these young kids is infectious. Such a powerful message and delivered beautifully through dance.

4.) “No Sense” – Matching denim outfits and some dope moves. Goebel kills it once again. “Sense” is so addicting.

5.) “Purpose” – The title track off the album and now we know why. Dancers effortlessly trace around Justin as he sings about the ups and downs of life. Reminiscent of crystal clear bible verses.




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