Music Monday’s: “Single”


Key Item: Open knit cardigan

Key Materials: Cozy knits

Shoe Situation: Simple white Nike shoe

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The Neighbourhood have perfected their own genre of California Electro Pop effortlessly mixing alt/electro beats with gorgeous pop lyrics. Their latest album Wiped Out! is no different; flooded with sultry stories and west coast twang. On the hot track, “Single”, lead singer, Jesse Rutherford croons “Can you let your baby be my girl?”. “Single” has a magical touch to it, almost too addicting to forget. A drum beat kicks in near the end bringing the song to a twinkly end. The lyrics highlight the intoxicating elements of an innocent crush with chorus-like backing vocals and simple verses. The Neighbourhood know how to make you feel some type of way. (Insert heart-eyes emoji)

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