Bryson Tiller COVERS

Apparently I’m not the only one obsessing over Bryson Tiller and his thumping hip-hop/R&B sound. Other artists are covering some of his standout tracks.

1.) Sevyn Streeter, “Don’t”

Streeter brings this song to a whole new level, spinning the song to cater the female perspective. I think Tiller would be impressed with the lyrics Streeter strategically places in “Don’t”. Tiller says, “Looking at you I’m thinking he must be tripping, play this song for him tell him just listen” while Streeter sings, “She don’t even care if you get yo nutrition, she don’t cook nothin up in yo kitchen.” Dayummmmm.


2.) Somo, “Been That Way”

As if Somo wasn’t R&B enough, he covers this song…. A simple piano guides this into a sultry love ballad. Somo’s vocals couldn’t be more romantically rhythmic. His “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” sprinkled in “Way” fit as perfect as a puzzle. Less is more with this one.


3.) Tone Stith, “Exchange”

One of my favorites off Tiller’s debut album. Stith croons through the song, making “Exchange” a pop-y track with childlike synths and vocals. His voice makes you sway your hips along to the beat. A different sound that still highlights the saucy lyrics.


4.) D.R.A.M., “Don’t”

D.R.A.M decided to join the Tiller bandwagon. He brings his whiny rap vocals an octave higher on this one. The lyrics provide a stark contrast to the smooth beat, but somehow it works. One thing different from the rest of the covers? He doesn’t say “Don’t” once in the whole song; detaching the title from his take on the lyrics.