New Year, New Kanye

real friends

A young Mr. West is seen playing the piano, headphones on. He’s wearing a V-neck sweater and looks like he’s thinking about his next hit. He’s young and ready. Nothing’s changed.

new kanye


West’s new song, “Real Friends” is back to the OG Kanye. This isn’t 808s & Heartbreak,  Yeezus, or even My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It goes deeper than that. “Friends” is new age beats mixed with The College Dropout and Graduation. A mesmerizing backbeat makes this song complete, while Yeezy brings you right into his personal life; what true rappers do best.

“Real friends, there’s not many of us, we smile at each other, but how many honest, trust issues.” If there’s anyone who knows about honesty, its Kanye West, which is why his raps are explicitly real and relatable. He keeps his classic rhythm and flows effortless with the melancholy rap beat. When you’re done listening to “Friends”, it replays in your head, over and over.

West just announced that every Friday, he’ll release a new song from his upcoming album, Swish (coming Feb. 11). That leaves us six more golden nuggets from Kanye’s vat of musical juice. I’m so ready.