Music Monday’s: Anti



Key Item: Ripped jogger trousers

Key Materials: Earth tones

Shoe Situation: Black Nike Huarache

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Rihanna is back and better than ever? Fans didn’t expect Anti to be what it is. A slower-tempo’d album featuring new musical elements we’re not used to hearing on a classic Rih Rih album. Her intoxicating voice still plagues every song in the prettiest way. “Kiss It Better” feels like a slight vintage 80’s song (minus the f-bombs). A whaling guitar echoes throughout the song, perfectly mimicking every lyric. The tail end of the album is the more emotional side of Rihanna. “Love On the Brain” sounds like something off the soundtrack to “Grease”, while “Close To You” could be the new “Stay” on this album. “Close To You” is a piano driven ballad with intimate lyrics. If there’s one thing Rihanna does well on Anti, it’s the variety and musical composition of every single song. You honestly cannot predict what each song will sound like, all are different and new in their own way. Anti is definitely a passion project for Rihanna.

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