Music Monday’s: Formation


Key Item: Faux fur jacket

Key Materials: Nudes

Shoe Situation: Raf Simmons adidas superstar

Oh, you thought Beyoncé was just chilling at home all this time? Doing the dishes? and folding laundry? WRONG. She was writing a serious hit and it’s called “Formation”. You could call this “Flawless Part 2”; the song is saturated in confidence, sass, and superiority. Beyoncé nonchalantly talks about the illuminati rumors (“Ya’ll haters corny with that illuminati mess”) and even her southern roots (“My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana, you mix that negro with that Creole, make a Texas bamma.) “Formation” is basically Beyoncé preaching to women everywhere that if you want success, you better go get it; “I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making.” Hip-Hop electronics are used throughout the song echoing the classic Yonce we all know and love. But the best part? The lyrics, they are absolute FIRE. She ends with solid words of advice, “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.” PREACH.

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