The February Blues

You know when mid February comes around, the snow is muddy and it’s those uncomfortable temperatures? You sit in your room and wish spring was here so you could frolic in your floral print blouse to a Florence & the Machine song in your backyard? Here are some musical ways to cure the February Blues.

1.) Listen to Childish Gambino’s Kauai while cleaning your bedroom.


The mellow beach tones will relax and remind you of what it’s like to not have so much stress in your life. Dust that bookshelf, pick up those dirty clothes and try not to sway your hips to “Sober”.

2.) Channel your inner Florence & the Machine and do some serious clothes shopping.


Go through your closet, get rid of those old sweaters that make you look lumpy and buy some cheap kimono’s and tank tops at your nearby TJ Maxx. Play “What the Water Gave Me” on your way to the mall with your hair flowing free out the window.


3.) Put Banks’ Goddess on shuffle and make some DIY projects.


Make your girls some cute chokers (shout out to those Michael’s coupons), preppy hats, or even some graphic Tees. Play “F*** Em Only We Know” and be thankful you have the coolest friends in the world.


4.) Go through your music and make the best party playlist.


There’s no better feeling than playing that Destiny’s Child song all your girls know as you’re pre-gaming for a fun night out. Take some time to add all the good ones and the new ones. Don’t forget, “This Is How We Do It” – Montell Jordan, “Cha Cha” – DRAM, and “Rock Your Body” – Justin Timberlake.


5.) Listen to Broods and start that paper you’ve been putting off.



The chill vibes of “Bridges” and “Pretty Thing” will put you into a productive trance. Before you know it, you’ll be trudging onto page ten. The lyrics are hymn-like and just enough to keep you from getting super distracted.