Music Monday’s: “I’m In Control”

I'm In Control


Key Item: Gucci Reversible Geranium-Print Silk-Twill Bomber Jacket

Key Materials: Silk

Color Concepts: Match dark tones to pair with the bright colors of the jacket

Shoe Situation: YSL Hedi Boots

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You fell in love with the sultry voice on “You Know You Like It” by DJ Snake and then again on “To U” by Jack U. But “I’m In Control” is all their own. Producer George Reid remains behind the scenes while Aluna Francis becomes the face of this eclectic duo. “Control” takes musical cues from fellow friends and dance group Major Lazer. Aluna’s voice remains heavenly as usual, while a grinding beat gives the song its gritty dance element. Singer PopCaan adds some much needed reggae flare to the song. “I’m In Control” is the song you can’t help but dance to at the club.

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