The New Genre



We’ve been hearing it on the radio, artists taking the EDM route with their new music. It’s the new marriage between hip-hop and EDM music. Something that seems like it wasn’t around until just last year. There’s no denying that Skrillex & Diplo’s uniquely blended formation sparked an increase in the EDM market. But, this year, seems to be the year of the new blended genre.

Electronic wizards like Flume, Snakehips, Steve Aoki, and Skrillex have all dipped their toes in this new style, all sounding different and cool as ever. Flume’s “Smoke and Retribution” features vocals by hip-hop rapper Vince Staples on an eclectic track mixing ions of tweaked sounds, feminine hooks, and scratchy raps. Snakehips is another artist playing with hip-hop influences using heavy bass to emphasize the hip-hop aspect. Their song, “Dimelo” features newcomer R&B/Hip-Hop smoothie Tory Lanez. The sounds are extremely manufactured in some parts and more naturally hip-hop in others, something that becomes candy to the ears.

Seasoned EDM vet, Steve Aoki has recently been mixing his sound up as well. His hot new track, “How Else” features Rich the Kid & ILoveMakonnen. You might remember a song telling us to turn up on Tuesday’s? Yeah, that was Makonnen’s along with the help of his friend Drake… “Else” stays true to Aoki’s impressive electronic mixes but adds in more bass, rhythm, and hip-hop verses. This song does the job of hyping crowds up with an impressive epic drop that every genre should be jealous of. Aoki has been hinting more recently about his future collab with Lil Uzi Vert on his Snapchat where he lets fans hear quick clips of the new sound he’s working on. From, what I hear, “How Else” is just the beginning of the hip-hop takeover.

Skrillex & Diplo came together in February of 2015 to create the genre-bending, 10 out of 10, album Skrillex & Diplo Presents Jack Ü. Diplo comes from more of a hip-hop/booty music angle, while Skrillex is from more of the experimental electronic route. An overwhelming contrast made for an impeccably beautiful album, thus beginning the mixture of genres. Rapper 2 Chainz appears on “Febreze” where fans got a taste of what was to come in the EDM scene. Diplo recently touched on the Jack Ü collab with Ryan Seacrest saying, “We had a different idea for music that he (Skrillex) wasn’t doing and I wasn’t doing, that was something that was new.” Skrillex has also branched out on his own for the song, “Show Me Love” featuring Chance the Rapper among others. “Love” is smooth but keeps a bumping bass line that mirrors Chance’s short and sweet rap.

I think there’s a creative spark in the music industry right now that is pushing people to be more outgoing with their sound. There’s no doubt that EDM music is continuing to rise in popularity, so marrying that with hip-hop sounds will only continue the steady incline of success we’ve seen in this genre.