So, since I graduated college I had to make the big move back home. Back to my old room where all my old things reside. I am now plagued by everything that once was and everything that is supposed to be coming (jobs *cough *cough.) In turn, this has caused me several sleepless nights tossing and turning in my twin. Wondering if I’ll ever make it out alive in this world. Nightmares of student loans, and sleeping in cardboard boxes plague my thoughts. The one thing that seems to help me is a sleep playlist I have curated from my music library. I’m sharing it with you in hopes that you’re hot sleepless summer nights will be a little more bearable and peaceful with this.

Playlist 1



Banks is perfect sleep music. Her voice can sweep the depths of the ocean or sing on top of a fluffy cloud. Her melancholy lyrics will help you relax into a dream state.



playlist 2



Majid Jordan is one artist who has truly made his own sound. They are one part R&B and one part completely hypnotic. Each song is a true love poem, with gorgeous composition you can’t help but close your eyes to.



Playlist 3.jpeg


One Republic has always been one of my go-to bands when I need a good cry, or a good lullaby. Lead singer, Ryan Tedder’s voice is one in a million. Every song these guys make is a true gem.




Playlist 4.jpeg



M83 is another great band that has established their own unique sound. It’s what I like to call emotional alternative. Elongated wavelengths, soaring vocals, and anthemic choruses leave you almost breathless.



-Sweet dreams 🙂