4OKI: An Explosion of Stories

Steve Aoki’s new EP titled, 4OKI is compiled of four new tracks all impressively connected. Each one has a different vibe than the next, but keeps the fresh Aoki sound we all crave.

1.) “ILYSM” -Steve Aoki & Autoerotique

Featuring tweaked impressive vocals from Brandy, ILYSM is a powerful homage to love that provides a hypnotic beat and tantalizing lyrics. Brandy’s muffled voice sings, “Cause when I look at you I feel something tell me, that you’re the kind of guy that I should make a move on.” The video follows a young powerful woman through a club scene as she lives out a wild night and meets a mysterious man. Aoki says, “Be ready for the drop because I hope it makes you feel something sensitive inside and makes you feel something all glittery…It always brings me back into that secret sauce.”


2.) “Dope Girlz” – Steve Aoki & Shaun Frank

“We started this one in my villa in Ibiza last summer. The right place to catch the vibes of this one and it grew into what you hear now,” said Aoki. Lucy is the character introduced in this video. “Girlz” keeps a repetitive lyrics with an insane beat that makes you want to lose your mind and swing from the rafters. Lucy has an intriguing allure about her, stick around until the end.


3.) “Bring the Funk Back” – Steve Aoki & Reid Stefan

Chapter three follows the club theme seen in each epic track. This time, booty music master, Reid Stefan hops on for some serious funk. Deep male vocals lace the song as youngsters swig drinks and grind on the dance floor. A new character named Trev is introduced and his backpack becomes a principle instrument in an ongoing story-line.


4,) “Kids” – Steve Aoki & MORTEN

All four characters come together for a “Breakfast Club Gone Bad” vibe on the final installment of 4OKI with a heavy bassline and pulsating drop. “Kids” is hype to the third degree, bringing EDM to a new electronic level. “Kids brings out the bass house banger to finalize the musical component,” said Aoki. There’s no doubt “Kids” is on your workout playlist making you sweat for hours.