Fall Songs

Fall is here, so pull out the sweaters and slip on the boots, go for a sunset drive and play these jams.

1.) “Come Under the Covers” – Walk the Moon

Soaring guitars follow Nicholas Petricca’s voice as he croons to his lover. He hints at fall singing, “Summer is over and I can feel the cold changing us inside, come under the cover.” The anthemic chorus makes you feel like you’re drowning in falling leaves from the trees above your head.


2.) “Autumn Leaves (feat. Kendrick Lamar)” – Chris Brown

The title is self explanatory. This song dabbles in heavy fall metaphors. Brown softly sings, “It seems that all the autumn leaves are falling, I feel like you’re the only reason for it.” Lamar pops in at the end for a heavy powerful verse – as usual; stomping over the song, making it his.


3.) “Leaves” – Miguel

Miguel always has a good fall-ish vibe to him. He represents west coast swag while still honoring classic R&B. Although “Leaves” deals with the UNchanging leaves, the song still keeps its fall essence. “The leaves don’t change here, so I never saw it coming,” he sweetly sings.


4.) “September Song” – JP Cooper

Mix some tropical house with a smooth crooning voice and you’ve got a sweet fall concoction. It doesn’t get much better than that. “You were my September song, summer lasted too long,” quickly becomes the soundtrack to all your late night drives. Newcomer JP Cooper hit the nail on the head with this one.