Divide & Conquer: An Electric Parade

The sensual vocals from George Maple on “Buried” help you focus on the beauty of EDM that is often pushed to the side in favor of a bombing drop that makes your heart sweat. What So Not has reached new levels with their sound. Making “sound” the main focus, instead of the “drop.” Layered vocals, pulsing electronic notes, and guitar riffs mimicking subtle R&B make Divide & Conquer sound like liquid dessert.

At times it can get dark and weird, which is expected from this group once in a while. The production is high and sometimes overwhelming, in a good way (listen to opening track, “Divide & Conquer”and “Lone”). But Conquer feels more powerful than anything else. Emotionally charged and beautiful in the harshest ways. “Trust” features begging vocals that plead you to get lost in every second of the song, while closing song, “Adieu” plays with horns, heavy bass, and muffled inaudible vocals.

EDM has become such a diverse genre, mixing so many different musical elements, and even several genres. Female vocals become moneymakers, and rap cameo’s become just as addicting as a classic rap album you’ve heard a million times. The drop becomes irrelevant and the musical quality takes the lead. What So Not are genuine trendsetters not to be messed with.