Music Mondays: “Gucci Coochie”


Key Item: Metallic crackle Gucci bomber jacket

Color Concepts:  Statement pop

Shoe Situation: Lug-sole shoes

Accessory Must: Gucci sunnies

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This rap/rave group, titled Die Antwood created the next novelty song you need on your  “going out” playlist. “She gets everything she wants, she gets everything for free…” a woman whispers in a muffled tone as a pulsing beat pounds in the background while child-like vocals take over the next verse. “Coochie” feels raunchy and explicit (as the single cover artwork shows) but is easy to ignore when the sounds pour in from a variety of genres. This duo from Cape Town, South Africa are one of the most unique groups we’ve seen in a while. The slight mix of pop, EDM, and rap is enough to appeal to almost anyone. “Gucci Coochie” feels like a saucy party in the early 2000’s with mini skirts, flip phones, and lots of eyeshadow.

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