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I’m Abbey and welcome to Blondie and the Beat! I started this blog in 2013 to share my love of all things music. As I started college, I found my true passion for writing and writing about music in particular. Blondie and the Beat soon became my favorite hobby (and late night companion through those lonely college nights.)

I love sharing live concert reviews (Halsey, The 1975, Paramore, The Maine, and more), my new music Friday picks, the latest and greatest music videos to hit YouTube, album reviews, and even artist/band Q&A’s. To browse through a list of live shows I’ve been to, click on my “concerts” tab!

I currently reside in Syracuse, NY where I work at an engagement marketing company. Holding a desk job during the day can be stressful and limiting, so Blondie and the Beat is where my spirit truly comes alive.

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Thank you so much for following (and listening) along!

Abbey 🙂


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