Music Video Roundup!

“Somebody Else” – The 1975

Lead stallion Matty Healy drowns his sorrows in alcohol as he deals with a broken relationship. “Else” is more internally focused than you think, which the video illustrates near the end. The video is a beautiful neon homage to the emotional beauty found in this song.


“Bad Intentions ft. Migos” – Niykee Heaton

Two years later and Niykee finally gives fans a saucy remix to her R&B hit, “Bad Intentions” accompanied by a badass Bonnie & Clyde-esque video. Flaunting her infamous tan and toned curves, Heaton throws some slo-mo heat for a solid four and a half minutes.


“Exchange” – Bryson Tiller

Memories of a couple in love play in Tiller’s head as he realizes “this what happen when I think bout chu.” Their story begins to unfold and explain itself. He makes her a scrap book and is dedicated on getting her back, will it work?


“All In My Head (Flex) feat. Fetty Wap” – Fifth Harmony

WOAH. That’s the first word I have to say after watching this video. First of all: one-pieces are back. Second: I need a vacation. Third: How can you not dance to this song? These girls have the “pop music video” formula NAILED.


“Crash” – Usher

He dances his way into our hearts once again. Performing a smooth routine to every crooning word, he could make the coldest man weak in the knees. Body art takes you on an emotional journey that keeps you staring, wanting more.




Summer vibes



Boat rides, backyard BBQ’s, late nights with friends, long car rides. Welcome to summer! Let these artists help you enjoy the sunshine and good times.




The coolest brother-sister duo out there. These two are taking the electro-pop scene by storm. Their new album, Conscious made waves on iTunes the day it came out, and for good reason. Heavy synths and addicting drum beats line every song as Georgia’s vocals remain as heavenly as ever. They can make you dance on a boat or make out under the stars.




usher king


That’s right. The man is back at it again with some HOT jamz for those summer days. The R&B/hip-hop King released the Diplo-produced melancholy “Crash” and the straight up saucy, “No Limit” featuring newcomer Young Thug. Both show Usher’s range of musical talent that we’ve been missing for what feels like forever.




Tegan & Sara


Their new album, Love You To Death will put you back into a pop trance you haven’t been in for quite some time. 80’s synths and catchy lyrics are scattered through every track. The opening song, “That Girl” gives us a glimpse into what the rest of the album will be; a pretty/emotional/fun look at love. These two are far from the train track thud of 2007’s “Back In Your Head.”



Nick Jonas

nicky j

There’s no doubt that NJ is at the top of his game in 2016. He’s currently on a mega-tour with pop sensation and BFF, Demi Lovato, and just released one of his most honest and experimental albums to date, Last Year Was Complicated. This album has it all, the sappy songs (listen to the emotionally charged “Chainsaw”), some pop/dance anthems (the sizzling “Bacon” feat. Ty Dolla $ign and the sultry “Under You”),  and some R&B feelers (check out the beautifully layered “Comfortable”) His falsetto is better than ever, and so is his musicality. Jonas is everything pop music needs at the moment.




The VMA’s…
Ariana sang
Nicki twerked
Iggy twerked
Beyonce twerked
Hell Usher bounced his head off Nicki’s butt while she was twerking…
Like…why…just why? (

Butts ruled the VMA’s- it’s undeniable.

Female domination is one way to describe the 2014 MTV VMA’s. Everywhere you looked, there was another diva singing another hit with no pants on, complete with a lot of sASS.

Ariana opened the show (serves her right, the girl is topping every pop chart right now) with “Break Free” which definitely could’ve been better. I think her nerves got the best of her and it would’ve helped if she didn’t dance around as much as she did.

Once Nicki Minaj and Jessie J hit the stage to sing “Bang Bang” Ariana looked 10,000 times more comfortable and really crushed her verse.

By the way I have come to the conclusion that Ariana Grande is actually a real-life babydoll.


Katy Perry’s music video for “Dark Horse” won “Best Female Video” which I highly disagree with. “Partition” deserved it… No doubt.

Look at that flexibility!!! (

Taylor Swift swung back in time to perform her new song “Shake It Off” in her classic “I’m not a country girl anymore, look at me” type of way. Her singing (or trying to) was actually painful to watch. It seems like she put more effort into her performance than she put into her voice.

If you have a hit song, you should be able to perform it live. If not, then don’t put it on your album (Beyonce is proof of that, by being able to perform every song live) Taylor tried hard for people not to see that the backup vocals were doing 99% of the work because her terrible dancing was doing the rest. It was seriously embarrassing to watch.

See...even she knows it. (
See…even she knows it.

Meanwhile, Sam Smith and Katy Perry win for having the cutest friendship. Every time the camera panned to the pair, they were either sipping drinks, leaning on each other, or taking selfies. It was adorable.


Speaking of Sam Smith. His incredible performance of “Stay With Me” could not have been more flawless. He deserves to be on a stage for the rest of his existence. There are so many great things awaiting that man.

“MTV welcome to my world.” Beyoncé closed the show by performing her entire album in a show stopping 16 minute performance… That’s right. Apparently the rumors I read online were right. She performed a snippet of every song off her surprise album that came out last year… Every song was another group of talented dancers, another gorgeous backdrop, and appropriate lighting to fit the style of every song. There is no doubt that Beyoncé and her team spent countless hours rehearsing this performance of a lifetime. She really did something unreal at the VMA’s and it will go down in VMA history.

Donning a stained/shattered glass leotard and her famous dirty blonde curls she left her sweat, swag, and sexiness on that VMA stage.


Cue baby Blue sitting on Jay’s lap and dancing along to her famous momma and you had everyone in the room completely enlightened. There is no one more deserving of the Video Vanguard award than the Queen herself.

Tears in her eyes and gold in her hands, Beyonce said to the crowd “I’m so full…I just thank god for this moment…”


Congrats Bey and to all VMA winners!