A room full of Coldplay

Me: Ok, Dad it’s 7 I need the TV now.

Dad: Why? What are you watching?

Me: A Coldplay concert on NBC.

Dad: But I saw you’re taping it so can’t you just watch it later?

Me: I taped it so I can watch it 100 more times, I’ve been waiting all week to watch this. Remote please?

*Dad hands over the remote

Chris Martin doesn’t even have to try to enchant an audience, it just happens on its own.

Coldplay: Ghost Stories premiered tonight (5/18) on NBC. The hour long special gave fans an intimate look at the band performing for a somewhat small crowd of 800 people. They played mostly new music with a couple classic Coldplay hits. The blend of amplified music and gorgeous cinematography was such a refreshing sight to see on the NBC network.

Starting off with their first single off the new album Ghost Stories, The song Magic made the crowd become one. The energy and slow trance-like vibe could be felt flowing out of my Samsung television all the way through my fluffy slippers to the big blue recliner I was sitting in.

After an annoying commercial break… Coldplay was back with one of their earlier hits Speed of Sound. This song brought all Coldplay fans on a ride back to the beginning of this magnificent band.

Colorful explosions littered the ceiling of the venue as fans’ faces floated with exuberant smiles and glowing eyes. Coldplay has a way of making everyone just feel. There is no other way to describe it. This band can make you feel everything.

The song Viva La Vida brought everyone back to the good ole drum stomping Coldplay. The chorus heavy song had every fan singing every lyric. Chris Martin’s gorgeous smile and effortless voice captivated every human in the room. People of all age, race, and gender looked like they were having such a fantastic time, just living in the moment.

The concert then drifted from reality to what looked like a music video. We see Chris Martin running outside of the venue (guitar in hand) taking a taxi, then slowly walking down a dimly lit dock to sing another new song off of Ghost Stories called Oceans. The fitting sound of waves crash beneath Martin as he stares into the camera and just about melts your heart into a puddle on your own living room floor.

As Martin jumps off the dreamy dock into the dark water, a classic Coldplay hot-change happens, chart topper “A Sky Full of Stars” is now lighting up the stage. As the beat drops, we see Martin’s awkward yet adorable dancing as he takes front and center on the stage.
The crowd helps Martin finish the song and a huge grin is left on his face.

Near the end of the show, Martin introduces the other band members giving a little blurb about each man. I’m not here to give you a play by play (you need to watch the whole special yourself) But I really loved when he introduced Guy Berryman (bassist) and said “He sells our calendars with his devilish good looks” PREACH! That man is a work of art…

image from: giphy.com

I love the brotherly love you see on stage with Coldplay. The smiles at each other during a guitar solo or drum beat are truly a joy to see these days. Bands seem to be going extinct and Coldplay engulfs the spirit of what it means to be in a band. The respect, passion, love, and pure talent is left behind on every stage they touch.

Go out to a store and buy “Ghost Stories” TOMORROW (5/19), play it start to finish, and enjoy every second that is Coldplay.



I’m Banking on BANKS!

It only took a couple Instagram pictures to make me get crazy excited for goth
Queen Banks’ new single.

“Goddess” dropped on iTunes this past week and it is the epitome of real life
girl power and courage.

The song is clearly about a troubled relationship. Banks sings “she gave it all,
you gave her s***, she coulda done just anything.” The haunting backup vocals
and gorgeous R&B beats leave you singing every word.

“You shoulda crowned her, cause she’s a goddess” I just can’t get over this line
and how perfect it is. Banks recently said at a live concert, “Every woman is a
goddess and I want every woman to know that, every single one of you, you are a
goddess. This is for you.” Banks is being a voice for all the women who deserve
true love but don’t have it. The song has a sassy “coulda had this” attitude
that you can’t help but completely fall in love with.

The chorus is another mixture of sass and truth; “f****** with a goddess and you
get a little colder” AKA- don’t mess with a woman. This just makes me want to
make a Goddess army with tons of really cool women in hot leather and lots of
eyeliner. Maybe even a couple thigh high boots.

Banks’ full length album comes out September 9th and it is going to slay
everything in its path. With a total of 18 songs on the album (including songs
from her London- EP) her mixture of dark pop and sultry R&B are absolutely
stunning. Banks’ voice in itself is something you don’t hear every day. She has
an interesting vocal range hitting low notes all the way up to trickling high
fairy notes. Her vibrato is subtle enough where you can barely notice it but
when you do, it just adds that much more emotion to every track.

Banks is killing it in every way possible right now. Her style and ambition to
create an album that resembles her is the true way to make music.

From: http://www.turntablekitchen.com/_uploads/Banks_Goddess.jpg