Mumford & Sons: Creating String Power

wilder mind When I heard the news about Mumford & Sons’ new album, I thought it was a lie! I had heard so many rumors that the band had broken up and they wouldn’t have music out for a while. This is the best thing to happen to my spring break! Not only are they back but their new album is coming out May 4 (another way to celebrate the summer sunshine). The new album is called Wilder Mind and is already blowing my mind.

The first single off the album was recently released and I couldn’t be more obsessed. The song, appropriately titled “Believe” highlights a broken relationship, lack of communication, and a hope for a better union between two people who love each other. Major Coldplay vibes here people… and I LOVE IT. I’m a big alt/electronic-y fan, so this song is right up my alley.

Mumford’s transition into this new world is already beautiful. The musicality and strong lyrical content surrounding this band is what helps them make this change more impeccable. Everything about “Believe” feels natural and more like a new & improved Mumford and Sons, which is something fans are going to appreciate. It’s not as if they have no classic foot stomping twinkle light choruses anymore, they have just added more layers to their songs leaving the lyrics with a more substantial musical ground to stand on.

My prediction? Every song will stand out on their own as a powerful story from start to finish. Just as “Believe” already stands on its own with soaring electric guitar and drum kit. Also, the lyrics are just as exquisite as ever; “Present all your pretty feelings, may they comfort you tonight, and I’m climbing over something, and I’m running through these walls.” The truth is, if you locked yourself in a room and listened to this song on full blast through a decent speaker system, you would say, “YES, that is the Mumford & Sons I know and love”. mumford Change is a good thing and Wilder Mind is going to be proof of that.

May needs to be here…like now….


Spring Playlist!

I’m sure not all of you have been experiencing an absolutely brutal winter like I have, but let me tell you… I have never looked forward to spring as much as I am this year. The constant scraping of my car and 15 layers a day walking to class are as annoying as it gets. Not to mention the dirty muddy floors of every entrance way making me fear my life every time I slightly slip.

Me walking to and from class every day...
Me walking to and from class every day…

So what do I do to get over my winter blues? Sit in my warm bed, drink some tea, and listen to music. I feel like I haven’t shared what I’ve been listening to lately, so I thought I would update you guys as to what’s on my “Spring Playlist”.

1.) “Treat Me Like Fire” by Lion Babe. Just found this duo recently and totally dig their vibes. R&B infused with some killer beats, add some seriously sexy vocals and I am hooked! Also check out “Jungle Lady”.

2.) “Dream” by Imagine Dragons. One of my favorites off their new album “Smoke and Mirrors”. The song is absolutely beautiful start to finish, complete with the always heart pounding ID drum beat and Reynolds’ vocals cutting through to the very core of every human heart.

3.) “All Day” by Kanye West feat. Theophilus London & Paul McCartney. You guys…I’ve been raging to this song at the gym ever since it came out. Yes, it is laced with profanity, but that’s just Yeezy at his finest. There are so many dope elements to this song and it also happens to be sitting proudly at number 1 on iTunes. This only gets me more psyched to hear the new album.

4.) “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off” by Ella Eyre. I was watching another music video and this song was playing on a laundry commercial of some sort, I stopped what I was doing immediately and looked the song up. Eyre resembles a slightly edgier Adele with endless vocal runs and classic piano accompaniment. Yes, this is a remake from the late 80’s. HERS IS SO MUCH BETTER.

5.) “Play No Games” by Big Sean feat. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign. Sean’s whole album is pretty epic to say the least. His lyrical content is way beyond anything he’s ever done before. I think this song should be on the radio IMMEDIATELY. It would do so well, and I really hope he makes it a single. Brown seems to have a way with radio hits…

6.) “I Caught Myself” by Paramore. This song was on the first Twilight soundtrack and for some reason I forgot it existed for the longest time and recently I have been obsessing over it again. The guitar is so mesmerizing and Hayley’s voice is on the verge of pleading and it couldn’t be more angelic.

7.) “One Last Night” by Vaults. I plucked this from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack as one of my favorites off the album. The string section truly makes this song as delicate as it is. With such powerful lyrics, the sense of beauty dangles around the hidden agenda of love.

8.) “Adore” by Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana Grande. Who’s that? Nobody knows, but now we do. Holy hell, Ariana’s vocals are spot on as usual. The best part? The song stays true to Grande’s musical form mixing R&B and hip-hop beats to create a perfect pop song as her high notes weave interchangeably throughout the entire three and a half minutes.

Hopefully these songs drag you out of the snowbank and into the flower bed. March 20th can’t come soon enough…

This is what my dreams look like right now.
This is what my dreams look like right now.