Favorite live Paramore vids!


Over the years of my severe obsession with Paramore, late night YouTube-ing has benefited me. I have accumulated some favorite live videos of Paramore performances that you may have never seen. I’ve always wanted to make a post about these, because they deserve to be seen.

1.) You may know the song “Miracle” from the album “Riot!” but I guarantee you have never heard the outro for it. It is one of the most powerful outro’s I’ve ever heard and I have accepted the fact that I will never hear it live…ever. They will probably never play it ever again, so thank god for YouTube. Hayley literally puts her entire soul into every note and the band ( a 5 piece back then) all sound like a true rock band.


2.) This is another intro, but it was used for one of their spring tour’s back in the day! The only words Hayley says are near the end; “We’re starting over!” which is kind of bittersweet considering Zac and Josh left the group later on. But the guitar part is so so pretty.


3.) “Turn It Off” from the album “Brand New Eyes” is a vocally challenging song which is why they do not play it often. I have watched this video a million times because of the one note she hits at 2:34 which is the “again” part. She goes up an octave and it is so so dope it gives me cold chills. See for yourself!


4.) This is another intro that was used for the Brand New Eyes tour back in 2009. It seems to be a parallel to the song “Brick By Boring Brick” Some of the lyrics are “So your father told you once that you were his princess….So here you are in pieces trying to prove to us its real…I have made a home here for me, don’t burn it down with your fantasy.” I found this video a long time ago and I still desperately wished they would’ve released it on iTunes. I know many fans would gravitate towards it.


5.) Last but absolutely NOT least the famous “Let the Flames Begin” and “Part ||” all in one video. I saw this live this summer when I went to Monumentour and it is freaking phenomenal. Hayley’s vocals really do let the flames begin. I also have to say Part || is one of the best ideas Paramore has ever had. A sequel to “Let the Flames Begin” is absolutely what every Paramore fan has ever wanted.



One Republic lights it up!

First of all let me apologize for my absence in the blog world… I have been busy working two jobs and trying to get myself prepared to head back to college. Who knew summer would be so busy??

Despite my packed summer, this past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to finally see One Republic live in concert! Last year around the same time my family and I had tickets to see them and the show got cancelled. We saw the opening band and everything, then One Republic came on stage (minus Ryan Tedder) and apologized for their cancellation. It was my birthday present…I was crushed.

So this year, we made it happen! My dreams came true and I could not have been happier. The Native Summer Tour is NOT one to miss. With two noteworthy opening bands (The Script and American Authors) this was a fantastic night.

Although “Best Day of My Life” is probably the most annoying song on the planet, I did enjoy American Authors’ performance. They had a lot of energy and managed to hype everyone up for The Script and most of all, One Republic.

Then came The Script. They completely warmed my heart. I have loved this band for a long time and have always wanted to see them live. So opening for One Republic was the whipped cream on top of a beautiful birthday celebration. The lead singer, Danny, made every fan feel special.

After singing their first hit “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” the crowd went wild. We all were cheering and screaming for them. You could see the pure gratification on Danny’s face as he realized, they’ve made it. After a long emotional pause he said something along the lines of “We have the best f****** fans in the world, we love you guys!”

Near the end of their set, Danny made a sprint for the audience running right behind my cousins and I as we squealed in shock that he was right next to us. He went to go sing in front of the lawn folk and continued running back to the stage (bodyguards in tow on both sides.)

My favorite song they performed would have to be “For the First Time” there is something purely beautiful about it. The piano and the lyrics really make it a true anthem. Another fun moment was when Danny told the crowd to call an ex boyfriend/girlfriend so they could sing “Nothing” to them. One woman in the front called her ex-boyfriend and handed Danny her phone. He stayed on the line the entire time as Danny sang “Nothing” into the phone, it was actually hilarious!! After the song he had the entire crowd yell “Goodbye A**h***!” as he hung up the phone. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Overall, I was ecstatic at The Script’s performance. They really blew me away. I would absolutely see them again, probably as a headliner.

After a long extraneous wait for One Republic, they finally began the show! The stage had a curtain blocking the band as they started to play “Don’t Look Down” and then directly into “Light It Up” both from their newest album “Native”. The tan-ish curtain showed the crowd the trippy moving shadows of each band member as they continued playing “Light It Up”. Near the end of the song the curtain finally dropped, displaying gorgeous lights, an eclectic backdrop and none other than a dancing Ryan Tedder swirling around the stage to his own voice.


I was in heaven.

Every song was even better then what you would hear in your car on a late night emotional drive.

Favorite songs live:

“Can’t Stop” – The bass makes your heart beat out of your chest and Ryan’s falsetto is to die for.

“Come Home” –  One of my favorite songs of all time, I have been waiting my whole life to hear it live.

“Apologize” – The slowed down piano version Ryan sang with strings in the back served a serious amount of emotion, not to mention he tacked on Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” flawlessly at the end of the song making it seem like the two were meant to be sung together.

“If I Lose Myself” – In my mind this was One Republic’s ‘comeback song’ and is spectacular live. The band decided to perform the Alesso remix which got the crowd up and dancing on their feet. This was the perfect encore.

The entire band looked like they were having a blast together, each member putting their heart and soul into every song. There’s no denying that Ryan steals the spotlight considering he can play piano, guitar, tambourine, and probably every other instrument on the planet, but each member is just as talented and deserves to shine on that stage.

Overall this band lives for music and it is clearly evident in the shows they give. Ryan Tedder made a promise that the next time they see us they will have new music, new clothes, and will hopefully be better looking… no worries, they look just as good right now!

My favorite part of the night was when Ryan said “Lyrics for me make the world go round.”

Amen to that, Amen.