Kacey Musgraves LIVE: The Country Princess We Deserve

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It’s going to be hard to describe how amazing the Kacey Musgraves show in Nashville, TN was, but I’m sure as hell going to try. I’ll be the first one to admit, I’d been sleeping on Musgraves’ talent until her Grammy-winning album Golden Hour was released. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of country music, I was nervous it would be too country for my liking. I was mistaken, Golden Hour is such a beautiful blend of modern country, but with a subtle pop/songwriter twist. Not only does it encompass so many themes of love, family, loss, and growth, but every song adds a new layer to Kacey Musgraves’ undeniable artistry and career as a lyricist. I knew I needed to see her on the Oh, What A World Tour as this album cycle is truly a magical one that will only happen once in a lifetime.

As Ms. Musgraves’ silhouette appeared on stage, fans of all age, race, and gender screamed in delight to see our country princess in her element. She kicked off the night with the gorgeous “Slow Burn” accompanied by orange and yellow hued lights to bring the lyrics to life. Not to mention, an orange two piece outfit with her long black locks shining so bright it was nearly blinding. After a more than perfect opening, Musgraves announced she’d been on vocal rest and told everyone to send good energy her way… Her vocals stayed beautiful the rest of the night.

Kacey’s stage presence is calm, poised, and effortless. She slowly swipes her hair behind her neck, and raises her fingers with every high note. The Texas native performed her Golden Hour album in its entirety, giving fans exactly what they wanted. Complete with an emotional performance of “Rainbow” a stripped down version of “Oh, What A World” and a visually appealing “Happy & Sad”.

The country artist also performed a couple of songs from previous albums, including 2015’s “High Time”, 2013’s “Merry Go Round”, the controversial “Follow Your Arrow”, and “Family Is Family”. Kacey shocked fans the most with two special guests during the show; Maggie Rogers ran out for a fun girl-power duet to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and Harry Styles joined Kacey for her 2019 hit “Space Cowboy”. As the crowd erupted with love for the ex-boy band member, he took the verse and made it his own (even finishing with a cute “Yee-haw!!”). After a truly shocked crowd, Kacey kept the energy high with her finale song “High Horse”. The confetti blew, the band bowed, and Kacey waved as she trotted off stage.

This tour is so exquisite, from the incredible stage lights, visuals, and overall performance, I can’t say enough good things. I can’t wait to see what comes next for Kacey Musgraves.



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Kim Petras: Halloween Queen

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Did Kim Petras invent Halloween? After hearing her latest contribution to the spooky month of October I’d say YES. Petras has been teasing the deadly project for a while now as fans bled out for the release date. Petras released her second part of Turn Off the Light and it DELIVERED. Featuring eight new scary tracks, Petras has proved yet again that she thrives in the dark shadows of Halloween.

Opening track, “Purgatory” is as terrifying as you’d think. Organ-like chords intro the song as Kim’s hyper-produced harmonizing vocals carry the song into what could easily be a club banger. Cue the strobe lights and smoky stage. While “There Will Be Blood” is a chanty anthem for the pop stans still ready to rage. Petras sings, “there will be blood, run for your life, go on and say, go on and say your last goodbye.” Although the sentiment is harsh, you can’t deny the pop beats are prevalent and pure fun.

“<demons>” and “Knives” are two interludes off the album that could double as a haunted house soundtrack. “Knives” will give you chills down your spine as the sharpening of knives echoes throughout the two and half minute long track. “<demons>” has more of a deep house feel with a spoken word intro saying, “The spirits are living in the house possessed, they never existed in physical form, they only exist in spirit form, It’s true evil, demons.” Add this to your workout playlist and watch those calories die off. This beat could get your grandma dancing down the runway. Heavy production and explicit pop-centric lyrics make this album iconic in every way.


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Finneas’ EP, Blood Harmony

It’s no surprise that Finneas’ EP is musical perfection. We’ve slowly become accustomed to his songwriting abilities through sister and mega star Billie Eilish. Finneas plays a lead role in the co-writing and production aspects of Billie’s music while also playing guitar right next to her as she headlines arenas and stages around the world.

In a recent press release through Live Nation, Finneas said the inspiration behind Blood Harmony and what it means to him. “At the beginning of 2019, I decided I wanted to make a collection of songs that encapsulated exactly what my life had felt like for the last 18 months…Almost every song was written in a hotel room, or a tour bus, or on an airplane, or in a dressing room while I was on tour with my sister” he goes on to say, “Writing and recording this EP was like filling a time capsule with different fragments and memories I’ve made and now, they’re all yours.”

The California native starts off the EP with the haunting “I Lost A Friend” a song that tugs the heartstrings of anyone who has ever…lost a friend. Aching vocals and dainty production will make this song immortal in the ears of anyone who is already a Finneas fan. “I Don’t Miss You at All” and “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night” mirror eachother in sound and overall tone. Both are bouncy and cute in a unique way. “Partners In Crime” has the spirit of a Coldplay B-side. Finneas’ subtle key changes lead the song alongside a repetitive guitar melody. He sweetly sings, “Did we look like lovers or partners in crime? Did you look like mine? Or did we look like fools Tryna get away with it all?” This one is easy to set on repeat as you slip away into peaceful bliss.

Finneas’ knack for sad lullabies, compelling poetry, and intricate melodies is a talent we need more of in today’s music scene. True artistry is an understatement. What a prolific introduction to Finneas’ musical talent.



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‘The Politician’: Songs from Netflix’s new teen drama

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If you haven’t immersed yourself into Ryan Murphy’s (Glee, American Horror Story, Nip/Tuck) new high school/high-class world, then you are truly missing out. Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) is an ambitious high school-er on the path to being President of the United States…maybe? His eagerness for power and leadership spill over into his personal life wreaking havoc on almost everyone around him. As his world starts to crumble, music is what seems to be the glue holding him together. Murphy does this in a subtle yet obvious way (do your research and watch the drama and glory that is Glee) as iconic songs are treated with acoustic kindness throughout The Politician.

Here are some of the best songs heard in The Politician:

Try not to cry at this one…


An alt favorite


So so so iconic


The title sequence song and a good one at that


Everything Tame touches is gold


Yes, yes, and more yes


One of my all-time favorites and fits so elegantly in the show