Down the Rabbit Hole with Ashe

Down the Rabbit Hole with Ashe

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Ashe’s big solo introduction to the world comes out strong on her EP, The Rabbit Hole. After becoming increasingly successful on several feature tracks with Louis the Child, Whethan, and more, the California native is finally stepping out with her own sound.

Opening song, “After Life” immediately takes you on a journey influenced by the 1865 Lewis Carroll story about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. She gently sings, “Don’t need saving, I’m waking my mind, I’m not waiting until after life.” Ashe’s ability to make any song feel magical is so evident on this EP. We’ve heard similar magic on her single with Louis the Child, titled “World On Fire”.

The Rabbit Hole features trippy, fun, and romantic elements. Each song becomes a stem from the tree of Ashe’s mind but manages tackles a new concept. Her impressive roots are at Berklee College where she focused on swing music, composing for big bands/orchestras, etc. Listen to the enchanting Gatsby-esque “We Get High” and everything will make sense. Vintage trumpets and roller coaster vocals make this one a modern day novelty anthem.

“Real Love” and “Someone To Lose” prove to be the most romantic off the EP. “Lose” features powerful imagery and a bountiful chorus I can’t stop listening to on repeat. While the empowering “Real Love” is catchy as ever – something Ashe has mastered in her writing and melody abilities.

For an EP, I’m blown away and can’t wait to hear a full Ashe production in the near future.




On Repeat: “Someone Else” – Chelsea Cutler

It feels as though every week, we are graced with another Chelsea Cutler tune. One that shakes you to your core, maybe makes you cry, and will probably play on repeat for the next week until you get another new song.

Cutler explained her latest release, “Someone Else” saying that it wasn’t actually about a situation she’s experienced. She filled in RapGenius; “What I can also honestly say is that I think it describes a situation that we can all relate to: making a fool of yourself over and over again because ur lonely and u miss somebody and u don’t want to be alone with your racing thoughts. u text or call them because ur WEAK. and u are scared of what they’re doing or who they’re with.”

The song follows the singer/songwriters classic electro-pop formula. The verses tell a relatable story and the chorus comes in to pull your heart apart…then makes you dance a little bit.

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