Fav summer workout songs!

So I have to admit, having two jobs is very tiring. But I’ve realized that I will not get any healthier by sitting in the recliner binge watching Gossip Girl and drinking massive amounts of Snapple. I have been trying to work out every day, if not every day then every other day and it really has done great things for me, physically and mentally. I’m going to be honest, my self confidence meter isn’t exactly through the roof so this is something I really needed to do for myself.

And the magazines are right, you can’t just workout and expect to look like Cameron Diaz overnight (her arms are my inspiration…so so toned…) Eating healthier and watching your portions are seriously key. Trust me, you are reading a blog post written by someone who regularly buys large Slim Jims and Almond Joy’s at Wal-Mart. But to feel better about yourself you have to love yourself and feeling your best is how you get there. Kind of like a math equation.

Anyways, I can not get a good workout if I don’t have a solid workout playlist on my phone (also accompanied by the muscle and sweat emojis…duh) I have recently found some straight up hot jams and I would LOVE to share!

1.) “High You Are (Branchez Remix)” by What So Not. The perfect blend of a knockout female voice accompanied by a string of electronic beats to help you beat up those squats.

2.) “Tell Me” by RL Grime. Randomly found this song on Kendall Jenner’s Vine one day. Funny what a random 6 second video can do for someone. The drop is sick and the bass kills that fat!

3.) “Swine” by Lady Gaga. This song proves Gaga can really make a crazy dope dance beat. The song really builds (kind of like your muscles should after you workout to it).

4.) “Higher (feat. JAY Z)” by Just Blaze and Baauer. Talk about workin’ it out. “Higher” is my absolute favorite song to sweat it out to. Jay-Z’s high energy rap mixed with a big drop is bound to fulfill a good workout.

5.) “Black Skinhead” by Kanye West. Yes…that’s all I can say YES!!! Yeezus kills this song and its superb.



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Ed Sheeran’s on my ‘A’ list

He came on the scene with “A Team” which in my mind does not do his talent any justice. In his recent documentary with MTV called “NIne Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran” he admits to having the sophomore CD itch that most artists get, explaining that the second album is always make or break. Which is totally true; you start out stellar, everyone loves you, then everyone has expectations for what you’ll be putting out next. I’d be worried if you didn’t feel the pressure.

Ed’s first album “+” came out in 2011 and supplied him with a doorway to the pop kingdom. His one worry? How long will he have the key…

Taylor Swift and Pharrell Williams both give blurbs throughout the documentary praising the singer/songwriter on his past, his future, and him. Taylor talks about how unique Ed is, because of how he makes his music; his rhythmic patterns in songs are something that no one else is doing (she’s totally right). Pharrell later says “He’s a singer/songwriter and he’s kicking everyone’s ass.” Trust Pharrell, the man is secretly behind everything, he’s like a little music God that inserts himself in everything good in the music scene.

Sheeran’s appreciation for music is seen throughout this documentary as we see him reliving his first experiences with music back in his childhood school, his confession to being basically homeless for some time as he slept on random couches trying to make it in this world. The point is: he never gave up. He just kept singing and kept playing gigs and life happened in the most beautiful way.

One of Sheeran’s songs off the album titled “One” is the Ed we first met back in 2011. An absolutely perfect guitar melody fitting his sweet poetry of lyrics. Sheeran says “I would say I make music for women to cry and eat ice cream to…” What an accurate statement. His first single off the album is “Sing” and sang up the charts in no time. After the success of “Sing” Sheeran knew the album would be just what everyone wanted.

Sheeran admits he has always been in love with hip-hop music and really tried to incorporate that side of him on this next album “x” coming out June 23rd. Another new song off the album “Don’t” shows his talent with angst filled rhythm and wording and a stomping vibe you could picture playing in a dark pub somewhere.

Ed Sheeran seems to be doing the right thing and I believe this CD will prove he is at an all time high right now and for all the right reasons; he earned it.


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God bless the bassists

In case you are blind or you don’t care what bands look like, let me paint you a picture.

Bassists are HOT.

That is all.

I don’t know what it is, I don’t know if there is some sort of contract that has to be signed or what. Can anyone fill me in? Or is it just a wonderful coincidence?

Here are some bassists you may not have known were hot, and if you do know them then enjoy! 🙂


Jeremy Davis – Paramore


This guy has been stealing my heart since day one. Did I mention he married a beautiful English woman and now has an adorable little baby girl?

Funny story: When I saw Paramore in New York City a year ago I was on this guys shoulders yelling Hayley’s name as it was dead quiet. Hayley never heard me but Jeremy was just looking at me and laughing. It was a pretty big “LOL” moment and one I will never forget.



Of course I’m talking about the Pete Wentz minus the guy liner and scary Goth man bangs… that was a weird time. I am very excited to see him for the first time performing with Fall Out Boy in July for Monumentour!!!


Jared Followill – Kings of Leon


I have to say, these brothers (and one cousin) are all good looking. The bad boy image seems to be working in their favor.

Fun fact: I watched “Talihina Sky” the Kings of Leon documentary and it truly made me fall absolutely in love with this band, more than I was before. They really do have an incredible ‘rags to riches’ story that is extremely compelling. Check it out—–> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEcxxQdeJfM

He also has the best Twitter bio ever. It simply says “I make your seats vibrate.”


Guy Berryman – Coldplay


I mean…… He’s incredibly shy but when you catch a smile from him, it lights up the room.


Kevin Ray – Walk the Moon


This picture…just too much.

If you’ve never heard of Walk the Moon get on it!! They are the perfect summer band to listen to. Its a pretty blend of pop/alt-rock and they always have high energy. Every song has a catchy chorus, quirky sounds, and simple lyrics. Check out: “Lisa Baby”, “Iscariot”, and “Fixin'”


Jacob Fink – Foster the People


I know… he looks like a Hollister ad.

Who knew this beautiful person existed in Foster the People. This band was formed in California, so maybe all that time in the sun is what created the flawless tan…


Well I hope I proved my point: Bassists are hot.



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There’s no fault in these songs

“The Fault In Our Stars” is coming out this weekend…I repeat, THIS WEEKEND!!

After reading the book in a matter of days and watching the trailer an embarrassing amount of times, the release is coming upon us. If you’re a soundtrack nerd like me, you’ve already listened to the soundtrack and it’s…. phenomenal.

I thought I could break down some of the songs that I really love from the soundtrack and I hope you get to listen to them before you see the movie. Understanding a song and its meaning can go a long way when you finally see it paired with a movie scene in the theatre.

In case you are behind and haven’t read the book or even heard of the movie (AKA you probably live on another planet) here’s a quick synopsis:

The Fault In Our Stars follows the life of Hazel Lancaster who is suffering from terminal cancer and the man she meets that changes her outlook on everything. Hazel’s character is incredibly cynical, but in a sort of comical way. Right from the beginning you know she has a tremendous heart, especially for her family. Her mother and father take care of her every need at the drop of a hat. Her mother is extremely overbearing, yet wonderfully human. She says what any mother would say to their daughter. Hazel’s father is emotional, which makes him a very sensitive character throughout this heart wrenching story.

And Gus… Hazels beautifully brilliant love interest. Who has a similar life as Hazel does. He’s been through his fair share of medical treatments and falls for Hazel immediately. Their love is undeniable yet innocent. Neither of them have a long list of lovers, but that doesn’t stop them from taking an unexpected adventure together through what could be the last great moments of their young lives. Gus’ chivalric gestures and smooth talking could sweep any girl off her feet, even the hard boiled Hazel. The best thing about Gus is his sickeningly positive outlook on life. No matter what he’s dealt, his silver lining always seems to be in view. Gus is a wonderfully refreshing element to this inspiring story.

So lets dive in to this soundtrack:

“All I Want” by Kodaline: This song is as simple as it sounds and could not be more fitting for this film. The rich lyrics say “Take my body, all I want is, and all I need is, to find somebody.” Slow guitars, tambourines, and sleepy vocals perfect this song. After listening to this song in all of its 5 minute glory, your heart will either be mended or broken. This song expresses passion between two people.

“Boom Clap” by Charli XCX: If you’ve seen the movie trailer, you have heard this song. Charli may be “Fancy-ing” up the charts, but this is truly HER song this time. Charli’s pop nasally voice soars on this song as she explains the power of young love; “First kiss just like a drug, under your influence, you take me over you’re the magic in my veins.” This song captures the positive and fun moments Hazel and Gus have together as their love grows stronger for each other.

“Long Way Down” by Tom Odell: Grab your tissues, because this one really pulls at the heart strings. A flawless piano melody floods this song as Odell patiently sings every word with perfected ease. This song puts life into perspective, it reminds me of the many times Hazel thinks about life. She questions what’s important and why. “She stands on the ledge, she says, ‘it looks so high’ You know it’s a… long way down.” BRB- crying…

“Oblivion” by Indians: This song reminds me of the band called Band of Horses. Their songs remind you of something you would hear while star gazing on the green grass with your really cute boyfriend on a warm June night…(at least that’s what I’ve seen in movies). In that case, I guess this song speaks for itself in terms of why it fits in on this soundtrack.

“Not About Angels” by Birdy: This song is so unbelievable. If you’ve never heard of Birdy before, you need to catch up. This young girl is a serious light. Her heartbreakingly petite vocals litter this song to no end. The lyrics were made for this love story; “How unfair, it’s just our love, found something real that’s out of touch, but if you’d searched the whole wide world, would you dare to let it go?” Hazel and Gus have found love, but they do realize that one day they will no longer be here. What happens to that love? It’s so unfair to have to let something like that go. Birdy absolutely drenches this song in pure emotion.

“Wait” by M83: If you know this band, you know they can produce some seriously powerful stuff; “Wait” is no different. Stretching to about 5 and a half minutes, this song really builds. Halfway through the song the words “No Time” are echoed until the end. No time seems to be a metaphor for everything in this story. No time for sickness, no time for hatred, no time for happiness, no time for sadness, no time for love. The anxious guitars, drums, and strings fade this song into a powerful ballad leaving you enlightened (as most M83 songs do).

Do yourself a favor and go see “The Fault In Our Stars” this weekend. Okay?