God bless the bassists

In case you are blind or you don’t care what bands look like, let me paint you a picture.

Bassists are HOT.

That is all.

I don’t know what it is, I don’t know if there is some sort of contract that has to be signed or what. Can anyone fill me in? Or is it just a wonderful coincidence?

Here are some bassists you may not have known were hot, and if you do know them then enjoy! 🙂


Jeremy Davis – Paramore


This guy has been stealing my heart since day one. Did I mention he married a beautiful English woman and now has an adorable little baby girl?

Funny story: When I saw Paramore in New York City a year ago I was on this guys shoulders yelling Hayley’s name as it was dead quiet. Hayley never heard me but Jeremy was just looking at me and laughing. It was a pretty big “LOL” moment and one I will never forget.



Of course I’m talking about the Pete Wentz minus the guy liner and scary Goth man bangs… that was a weird time. I am very excited to see him for the first time performing with Fall Out Boy in July for Monumentour!!!


Jared Followill – Kings of Leon


I have to say, these brothers (and one cousin) are all good looking. The bad boy image seems to be working in their favor.

Fun fact: I watched “Talihina Sky” the Kings of Leon documentary and it truly made me fall absolutely in love with this band, more than I was before. They really do have an incredible ‘rags to riches’ story that is extremely compelling. Check it out—–> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEcxxQdeJfM

He also has the best Twitter bio ever. It simply says “I make your seats vibrate.”


Guy Berryman – Coldplay


I mean…… He’s incredibly shy but when you catch a smile from him, it lights up the room.


Kevin Ray – Walk the Moon


This picture…just too much.

If you’ve never heard of Walk the Moon get on it!! They are the perfect summer band to listen to. Its a pretty blend of pop/alt-rock and they always have high energy. Every song has a catchy chorus, quirky sounds, and simple lyrics. Check out: “Lisa Baby”, “Iscariot”, and “Fixin'”


Jacob Fink – Foster the People


I know… he looks like a Hollister ad.

Who knew this beautiful person existed in Foster the People. This band was formed in California, so maybe all that time in the sun is what created the flawless tan…


Well I hope I proved my point: Bassists are hot.



-All pictures from bing.com