Music Monday’s: “I’m In Control”

I'm In Control


Key Item: Gucci Reversible Geranium-Print Silk-Twill Bomber Jacket

Key Materials: Silk

Color Concepts: Match dark tones to pair with the bright colors of the jacket

Shoe Situation: YSL Hedi Boots

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You fell in love with the sultry voice on “You Know You Like It” by DJ Snake and then again on “To U” by Jack U. But “I’m In Control” is all their own. Producer George Reid remains behind the scenes while Aluna Francis becomes the face of this eclectic duo. “Control” takes musical cues from fellow friends and dance group Major Lazer. Aluna’s voice remains heavenly as usual, while a grinding beat gives the song its gritty dance element. Singer PopCaan adds some much needed reggae flare to the song. “I’m In Control” is the song you can’t help but dance to at the club.

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Music Video Roundup!

1.) “The Sound” – The 1975

One day before the release of their sophomore album, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, pop synth Kings, The 1975, released their music video for their next hit, “The Sound”. Featuring pink neon hues and mean comments leaving an underlying subliminal message. Words like pretentious, unimaginative, annoying, boring, recycled, wannabees, etc. all briefly flash across the scene as the band dances around doing what they do best; play their music.


2.) “Stone Cold” – Demi Lovato

When I heard Demi was making a music video for this song, I knew it had to be just as epic as the vocals heard on it. She definitely did it justice. Lovato is seen in a bathtub, curled up by a fire, and trudging through a winter wonderland. Her flawless pale skin and raw emotion helps you find the beauty in every word she sings.


3.) “Work” – Rihanna feat. Drake

Seven and a half minutes of Rihanna seducing Drake?? OKAY. The first set is in a steamy nightclub where the ladies are twerking and getting down, the second? An intimate living room scene where Rihanna flirts with Drake using her twinkling eyes and trance-like hip rotations. This video will have you rooting for Drihanna for real… ❤


4.) “Colors” – Halsey

Halsey plays an innocent young daughter as her mother looks to find love. Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey plays the hunky high school jock who has the perfect cute smile and tennis skills. Blue is a major theme in the video as you see in almost every frame, not to mention the overall blue filter of the video itself. But, wait until the end… This video is not what I wanted it to be.


5.) “Youth” – Troye Sivan

Taking a slight departure from the heavy Blue Neighborhood music video trilogy Troye released several months ago, “Youth” is energetic and cute. “My youth is yours” echoes in your mind as you watch Sivan & friends dance around a house party filled with balloons, cups, and multi-colored twinkle lights. “Youth” is everything you thought it would be, not to mention tons of close ups of the eternally adorable Mr. Sivan.


6.) “It’s You” – Zayn Malik

Malik decides to prove his singing chops once again with this gorgeous love ballad. Directed by Ryan Hope (Sam Smith, “Lay Me Down”, Disclosure feat. Lorde, “Magnets”), “You” provides a melancholy look into the breakup between Malik and singer Perrie Edwards. The black & white video leaves a timeless look to it and scenes are slowed down to make you feel the emotional connection between Malik and the blonde beauty. You can watch the video only on Apple Music.



7.) “Work From Home” – Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla $ign

Back at it again with the next club anthem. Taking hints from Rihanna, the girls twerk around a construction site singing “Work, work, work”. Lots of hair flips, booty poppin’, and sultry glances. Also, construction guys NEVER look like this…




The February Blues

You know when mid February comes around, the snow is muddy and it’s those uncomfortable temperatures? You sit in your room and wish spring was here so you could frolic in your floral print blouse to a Florence & the Machine song in your backyard? Here are some musical ways to cure the February Blues.

1.) Listen to Childish Gambino’s Kauai while cleaning your bedroom.


The mellow beach tones will relax and remind you of what it’s like to not have so much stress in your life. Dust that bookshelf, pick up those dirty clothes and try not to sway your hips to “Sober”.

2.) Channel your inner Florence & the Machine and do some serious clothes shopping.


Go through your closet, get rid of those old sweaters that make you look lumpy and buy some cheap kimono’s and tank tops at your nearby TJ Maxx. Play “What the Water Gave Me” on your way to the mall with your hair flowing free out the window.


3.) Put Banks’ Goddess on shuffle and make some DIY projects.


Make your girls some cute chokers (shout out to those Michael’s coupons), preppy hats, or even some graphic Tees. Play “F*** Em Only We Know” and be thankful you have the coolest friends in the world.


4.) Go through your music and make the best party playlist.


There’s no better feeling than playing that Destiny’s Child song all your girls know as you’re pre-gaming for a fun night out. Take some time to add all the good ones and the new ones. Don’t forget, “This Is How We Do It” – Montell Jordan, “Cha Cha” – DRAM, and “Rock Your Body” – Justin Timberlake.


5.) Listen to Broods and start that paper you’ve been putting off.



The chill vibes of “Bridges” and “Pretty Thing” will put you into a productive trance. Before you know it, you’ll be trudging onto page ten. The lyrics are hymn-like and just enough to keep you from getting super distracted.


Music Monday’s: “All I Ask”

All I Ask

Key Item: Nude bomber jacket

Color Concepts: Nude and black

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Adele has mastered the art of love in its purest form. A piano and vocals are all she needs. Her voice carries a story so captivating your heart bleeds as if it’s her own, as if you ache with her. “If this is my last night with you, hold me like I’m more than just a friend,” she beautifully pleads in the chorus of “All I Ask” off her enchantingly pure album, 25. Adele challenges the question of true love with the honest question “What if I never love again?” Something so daunting and terrifying that every human can relate to. Her voice builds higher and higher as the song trudges on, further proving her impeccable vocal skills and her emotional ties to every ounce of her music.

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Music Monday’s: Hey Hey

Hey Hey


Key Item: Yeezy season 1 bomber jacket

Key Materials: French Terry

Color Concepts: Earthy browns and nudes

Shoe Situation: Yeezy Boost 350 Moonrock


“Hey Hey” is a feel good song. The lyrics are punchy and straight to the point with an edgy bouncy drop. “Hey, hey, get out the way, you can’t rain on my parade…don’t care what you say now,” the song is really empowering when you think about it. The shift between dance and electronic sounds are very unique making “Hey” sound like a cute Kygo track. The verses are subtle and easy to sing, while the chorus really gives a good punch. “Hey, Hey” has been stuck in my head for days and I can’t help but keep playing it.

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Who You Need: Tory Lanez

tory lanez

WHO: Tory Lanez

WHERE: Toronto, Ontario

GENRE: Hip-Hop/Rap

TOP SONG: “Say It”

Newcomer Tory Lanez has been picking up speed in the music scene. While his hit single, “Say It”, released last year, proved his R&B specialty, his latest song, “L.A. Confidential” shows a very different side of the singer.

His voice sounds more soothing and alternative, but the lyrics still prove to be the hip-hop side of Lanez, “And I hope you don’t expect to be my girlfriend/ LA confidential/ LA confidential/ Cause I think you know I’d never leave my girlfriend.” He weaves in and out of soft notes and rap explicits. Something not many artists can successfully do.

With an impressive amount of singles under his belt (10 in January alone), there’s no doubt his debut album will seriously deliver. Lanez recently told The Cruz Show on L.A.’s Power 106 about the sound he’s trying to create called “swavey”. “The genre of putting more than one genre together…All these artists right now that are singing and rapping, like Bryson Tiller and Drake, those people are all swavey artists,” he said.

Lanez single, “Say It” is the perfect example of the swavey sound he’s trying to emulate. Hip-hop beats echo throughout the song as he croons on the border of rap-singing (much like other newcomer Bryson Tiller). “Say It” proves Lanez worth in the new age hip-hop/rap genre.


Music Monday’s: Formation


Key Item: Faux fur jacket

Key Materials: Nudes

Shoe Situation: Raf Simmons adidas superstar

Oh, you thought Beyoncé was just chilling at home all this time? Doing the dishes? and folding laundry? WRONG. She was writing a serious hit and it’s called “Formation”. You could call this “Flawless Part 2”; the song is saturated in confidence, sass, and superiority. Beyoncé nonchalantly talks about the illuminati rumors (“Ya’ll haters corny with that illuminati mess”) and even her southern roots (“My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana, you mix that negro with that Creole, make a Texas bamma.) “Formation” is basically Beyoncé preaching to women everywhere that if you want success, you better go get it; “I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making.” Hip-Hop electronics are used throughout the song echoing the classic Yonce we all know and love. But the best part? The lyrics, they are absolute FIRE. She ends with solid words of advice, “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.” PREACH.

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