8 Albums to listen for in 2016

albums in 2016


Have a happy new year!!



Music Monday’s: Heartburn



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photo via: musicismylifett.wordpress.com
photo via: musicismylifett.wordpress.com

With an exotic name and a low-key profile, Wafia brings the feels on her track, “Heartburn”. A song chill enough to drive around your town at night to. It has a dark message; talking about the confusion of love. Her soft innocent voice sings, “Love oh why have you been hiding? From the places we’ve been.” A steady backbeat makes “Heartburn” even more mesmerizing to listen to. Electronic sounds are enough to make this song modern and upbeat, but manages to keep a mellow emotional pull. Wafia’s voice is reminiscent of a young Lorde or even Alessia Cara; easy-going and natural.


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Listen to THIS this Weeknd

The Weeknd decided to give his fans a realllllllllllll nice Christmas present. Two new songs? You got it!

As if his flawless Beauty Behind the Madness album wasn’t enough, he released “Low Life” featuring Future and “Pass Dat (The Weeknd Remix)” featuring Jeremih. Both were uploaded to his SoundCloud (https://m.soundcloud.com/theweeknd) on Christmas Eve. AKA – add these to your pregame playlist folks.

“Low Life” has a deep backbeat as Future’s classic tweaked vocals spit some raps. Then The Weeknd nonchalantly croons, “I’m reppin for the low life”. The song, spanning past five minutes keeps you intoxicated from start to finish. This is past the R&B stage, and more on the hip-hop side; something The Weeknd proves he can also master.

“Pass Dat” is straight fire. The bass is unreal and The Weeknd absolute slays his verse in the sexiest way. His vocals are so unique you can’t help but want to learn every word. He truly puts Jeremih to shame with this one. This song was a banger before, but this remix takes it to another level.



Touché to The Weeknd, for keeping the good vibes alive.



Music Video Roundup!

Here are some of the latest music videos to hit the web!

1.) “Be Right There” by Diplo & Sleepy Tom

This music video is like a Saved by the Bell-inspired 80’s joy ride. Booty shaking, cool visuals, and layered silhouettes. “Be Right There” is a straight jam.

2.) “In the Night” by The Weeknd

The Weeknd lets girlfriend Bella Hadid take the lead in this one. A six-minute long video taking vintage cinematic cues. Hadid is seen as a somewhat Goddess as the video shifts into a horror movie with sex, drugs, and R&B?

3.) “UGH!” by The 1975

Shirtless Matt Healy seduces us once again with the band’s second single, “UGH!”. Pink and blue hues illuminate the massive pop sound heard on this song proving that The 1975 know how to make you dance.

4.) “Little More” by Chris Brown

Brown’s daughter, Royalty is the inspiration behind “Little More”. A clear homage as he sings, “My baby, my Royalty, girl you’re the lyrics to my song, girl you got this heart lock on me, I don’t think I can control it.”

5.) “Stay feat. Maty Noyes” by Kygo

Kygo proves he’s a man of many talents as he accompanies the lovely Maty Noyes by playing “Stay” on the piano. Noyes enchanting vocals transform this song into the powerful ballad you hear in this video.



A GRANDe Christmas!

Ari Christmas
Photo via: thisisrnb.com

In case you missed it…Ariana Grande really likes Christmas. Last year we got the fun “Santa Tell Me” and the year before that she released, Christmas Kisses -EP. Ariana’s voice was made for some sultry carols and airy harmonies, which is what we hear on her EP, appropriately titled, Christmas & Chill. Fans are already loving the holiday vibes!

With a total of six songs, Grande puts her gorgeous vocals to good use, singing about mistletoe, kisses, and well… you get the idea.

christmas ari
Photo via: hngn.com
Ariana Grande recently said on Twitter that the EP was made in a week, which is insanely impressive, considering the overall production of these songs. The beats are infectious, reminding you of the classic pop/R&B Ari that we all love. “December” has a sexy tone to it with Grande singing, “I just wanna keep my baby warm through the wintertime”. While “True Love” plays with some light hip-hop in the cutest way.

I will definitely be listening to this as I make cookies, decorate the tree, wrap presents, and pretty much anything else Christmas related. Hell…I’ll keep listening to this for the next three months.


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The 1975: A Neon Dream


Image via: crushedx.wordpress.com

Whether it’s their impeccable aesthetic on Instagram, their overly drug-infused lyrics, or their fake postings about breaking up; The 1975 are a pure neon dream. If you look up “neon” in the dictionary, you might find this definition: “of, relating to, or characteristic of a tawdry urban district or of gaudy nighttime entertainment.” Almost a complete description of The 1975. Coincidence? I think not…

For the past two months or so, they have been teasing their sophomore album, I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It with pink hued neon signs with what looks to be the titles of songs off the album. Each one is set against a beautifully haunting backdrop making you beg for more answers as to what they mean. As of today, 12/9 we have 11, which could almost be the full track listing. Flip through the gallery below!


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Music Monday’s: “Single”


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image via: www.columbia.co.uk/
image via: http://www.columbia.co.uk/

The Neighbourhood have perfected their own genre of California Electro Pop effortlessly mixing alt/electro beats with gorgeous pop lyrics. Their latest album Wiped Out! is no different; flooded with sultry stories and west coast twang. On the hot track, “Single”, lead singer, Jesse Rutherford croons “Can you let your baby be my girl?”. “Single” has a magical touch to it, almost too addicting to forget. A drum beat kicks in near the end bringing the song to a twinkly end. The lyrics highlight the intoxicating elements of an innocent crush with chorus-like backing vocals and simple verses. The Neighbourhood know how to make you feel some type of way. (Insert heart-eyes emoji)

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