Fresh EDM Picks

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“Something Just Like This” – The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any better. Party boys turned world-wide sensation release a stellar collab with one of music’s greatest bands alive. The formula is simple; transparent lyrics, soaring vocals, and a drop you can bop to. That’s it. “Like This” will easily climb the charts making the Chainsmokers one of the best EDM duo’s of all time.


“Stay (with Alessia Cara)” – Zedd

Cara’s vocals are easily some of the most unique in pop music today. Add in Zedd’s gift for mixing and the result is epic. Just as catchy as any Zedd song is, a female lead always tugs you in (“Clarity”, “Stay the Night”). Cara strongly sings, “All you have to do is stay, a minute, just take your time.” 


“In The Arms Of A Stranger (Grey Remix)” – Mike Posner

His child-like voice follows a guitar strumming repeated chords as a subtle drop highlights the “woo”-filled chorus. The song is a beautiful sentiment bringing to light the memories of past love and the attempts to move on; “In the arms of a stranger, pretending its love, holding her closely, remember your touch.”


“It Ain’t Me (with Selena Gomez)” – Kygo

Kygo can do no wrong. It’s a fact. He has the tropical beats we all want playing on our spring breaks and summer vacations. “It Ain’t Me” is no different. Gomez sings the verses up and down in classic pop fashion. Choppy lyrics pluck through the chorus, something Kygo does best (listen to “Stay” off his debut album, Cloud Nine.)


“Slide” – Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Migos

70’s dance party meets summer pop; Harris is back in full force. Merging some R&B licks from Frank Ocean with light rap verses from Migos, the two blend together seamlessly. A steady vintage beat keeps the song flowing, making you wish for a dance floor under your feet and a glass of champagne in your hands.



Who You Need: Bridgit Mendler


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WHO: Bridgit Mendler

WHERE: Washington, D.C.


SONGS: “Atlantis”, “Ready or Not”



Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus. All Disney-bred pop stars. There’s no denying that each one is talented in their own right. Could Disney be the best talent agency ever?

Enter Bridgit Mendler, former actress on the hit Disney show “Good Luck Charlie,” where she also sang the title song. 2012 sparked her debut album Hello My Name Is… , flooded with the usual pop noise. But 2016 brought something different from Ms. Mendler. A little more musical production, a slight genre change, and more vocal focus has proven this Disney bopper is more than just another laughable pop toy…

Her popular single, “Atlantis” off her 2016 EP titled, Nemesis comes to mind when I think of expanded musical production. Muffled/distorted vocals and R&B back beats spice things up. A rap cameo chimes in on the tail end of the track racking in more of a hip-hop sound that fits her like a glove.

On “Temperamental Love” we hear a similar sound from the pop singer. Rapper, Devontee kicks this one off spitting out the struggles of modern-day dating,”Girl, you ain’t the only one that’s all alone, Hell, I’m only seeing you on the phone, what’s a FaceTime? I need face-to-face time.” The high-pitched chorus praises that love anyways as Mendler sings, “Temperamental love taking over me, all the lows shake my bones every time you leave, but I can’t escape the thought of you, boy.” The naivety in her voice contrasts with the mature beat and lyrics making the song a pleasant pop surprise.

Mendler wrote the lyrics for Love and also produced the song. Showing off her various skills, fans can expect more heat from the singer coming soon.














Friday Feelz: “Don’t Kill My Vibe” – Sigrid

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Snuggled right in the #2 slot on the New Music Friday Spotify playlist is new artist Sigrid. Who’s above her? Pop princess Katy Perry. Not a bad spot to be this Friday. The single artwork has a vibrant red background that contrasts with the crisp white tee the songstress is wearing that reads, “Don’t Kill My Vibe.” Of course, the title of her debut single. With her head cocked to one side as her dark hair falls close to each side of her face, she looks straight into the camera begging you to question how bad ass she really is.

“You think you’re so important to me, don’t you? Well I wanted you to know, that you don’t belong here,” she spits out in an high energy belt. “Vibe” will soon become your favorite break up song preaching about how strong and independent one can be on their own. While this easily pokes at the simple notes of pop music, the beat somehow makes it feel more new age/ alternative. The Norwegian born singer has a robust vocal range and an aura around her sound that feels happy, light, and cool. You wait for what feels like a beat drop (as we often hear infused in every pop song these days), but instead we hear a glorious chorus that dazzles every hair on your skin.

After about 30 seconds into this song, I knew it was pure magic. A good voice is a good voice. You know it when you hear it. This is just Chapter one for Sigrid.












Friday Feelz: “Make Daddy Proud” – Blackbear


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Through a haze of crooked finger peace signs, crisp white shoes, and squinty stoned eyes, Blackbear promotes himself; on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and he does it well. Remaining unsigned to any record label, he has no strings attached to anyone but himself. He releases his songs on Soundcloud before they even hit Spotify or iTunes. Fans go nuts and practically beg him to let them buy it. That’s how you know you’re onto something special.


After recently announcing his musical collaboration with Mike Posner titled, “Mansionz”, Blackbear ( born Matthew Tyler Musto) is back with a brand new solo single and plans for an album release on,  you guessed it, 4/20.

The song, “Make Daddy Proud” appeared on Soundcloud Monday night, making fans squeal with joy at the sounds of some new Bear. “Proud” lets electronic tid-bits take the front seat as we’ve heard on his previous tracks like 2016’s”Wanderlust” and “Flirt Right Back.” Mixing hip-hop beats with electronic synths and chords seem to be his niche making him an easy crossover into the pop genre. A surprisingly charming falsetto sings, “Tell me how do you cope with it? how do you sleep with yourself at night?” The money-littered chorus praises a woman for spending Daddy’s money. His lyrics preach a subtle mix of encouragement and sexism, but the beat is too dominant to ignore.

As usual, along with the new release, came corresponding merch; orange hats (matching what seems to be the artwork for his new album) that read, “Let’s Make Daddy Proud Again.” I’m sure they’ll sell out more than coffee on Monday morning. The Pennsylvania native has a brand and sure knows how to sell it. Fans in the Beartrap support him every step of the way, selling out shows, merch, and his music.