Friday Feelz: “Don’t Kill My Vibe” – Sigrid

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Snuggled right in the #2 slot on the New Music Friday Spotify playlist is new artist Sigrid. Who’s above her? Pop princess Katy Perry. Not a bad spot to be this Friday. The single artwork has a vibrant red background that contrasts with the crisp white tee the songstress is wearing that reads, “Don’t Kill My Vibe.” Of course, the title of her debut single. With her head cocked to one side as her dark hair falls close to each side of her face, she looks straight into the camera begging you to question how bad ass she really is.

“You think you’re so important to me, don’t you? Well I wanted you to know, that you don’t belong here,” she spits out in an high energy belt. “Vibe” will soon become your favorite break up song preaching about how strong and independent one can be on their own. While this easily pokes at the simple notes of pop music, the beat somehow makes it feel more new age/ alternative. The Norwegian born singer has a robust vocal range and an aura around her sound that feels happy, light, and cool. You wait for what feels like a beat drop (as we often hear infused in every pop song these days), but instead we hear a glorious chorus that dazzles every hair on your skin.

After about 30 seconds into this song, I knew it was pure magic. A good voice is a good voice. You know it when you hear it. This is just Chapter one for Sigrid.












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