Bloom: Short & Sweet

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If you’re already a Troye Sivan fan then you’ve probably heard most of Bloom already; the explosive “My My My”, romantic “Bloom”, and the retro fun “Dance To This” featuring pop queen Ms. Ariana Grande.

This 10-track album packs a full punch, right to the heart and soul. “Seventeen” explores young love and naivety in Sivan’s classic pop production, while the piano-led “Postcard” explores a hardship in a loving relationship. Sivan wanted to make a full-blown love album, so that’s what he did. He told the New York Post, “While I was writing the album, I was experiencing love in a way that I’d never experienced it before. I wanted to write, like, a love album.” 

Charming melodies line “Plum” in a “good things eventually go bad type of way”. Relating love to a fruit, he gently sings, “Maybe our time has come, maybe we’re overgrown, even the sweetest plum, has only got so long.” 

I’d like to say one track stands out among the rest, but that’d be a lie. Each one contains so much beauty and honesty – I think they all deserve their own spotlight. A short and sweet album to match love and all its many elements.

USA Today says, “‘Bloom’ may be the best pop album of 2018.”



Q&A with Friends At the Falls!

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1.) Explain the name “Friends At the Falls” and the significance behind it.

“This name shows some of our roots. We’ve all been friends since childhood, and we are all from NY in an area called Croton Falls/Mahopac Falls. In the early stages of the band, Matt and Jake (drummer and singer/guitar) had a rule where they made up 5 names a day, and out of all the suggestions, Friends At The Falls came through as the winner!”

2.) Who are you currently gathering inspiration from and why?

“We are always gathering inspiration from artists like, The Killers, Coldplay, even Bruce Springsteen and when we are writing we usually notice touches of other artists here and there such as Walk the Moon, Two Door Cinema Club, etc.”

3.) What is the meaning behind your new single, “Streetlight Kids?”

“Streetlight Kids at its core is a song about breaking out but beginning that process with realizing who you are and that change is necessary. In addition to that, it really holds strong ties to one of the overall themes of the new record- comradery. ‘Now your lonely days are over’ is a lyric that repeats in the chorus and rightfully so. Essentially it answers the verses of the song, that change has occurred and sometimes you don’t have to be alone for that to happen. It truly embodies what we wanted to come across in the song.”

4.) How would you describe your sound on the upcoming EP? When will fans get to hear it?

“What we tried to create was a mix of organic and electronic sounds that compliment one another. We feel like we are really beginning to find our own sound and it is an awesome feeling to experience. This is the first record we’ve made as a fully realized band and I think a lot of what comes up is the experiences we’ve shared and the music we’ve listened to growing up. Each of the songs on the record have their own unique aspects but the underlying vibe of all of the tracks all fit together on the EP.

What we have been hearing from others is a shocking amount of the word “nostalgic”. It isn’t a word we were expecting to hear when someone listens, but it is one we’ve really come to appreciate and one that feels like it defines this EP for us. The release date is still tentative at the moment but it’s looking like Wild In Our Ways EP will be released early October.”

5.) Any upcoming live shows you’re excited about? Anywhere you want to go specifically?

“Yes! Some our biggest yet, unfortunately, they are currently unannounced so stay tuned for more details coming soon! We’re also in the midst of setting up a tour for late fall. All in all, we are crazy excited to get back on the road. It’s been a busy year for us with recording for the EP, shooting for music videos, and doing our best to make sure the songs get all the attention they deserve. We have only played a select couple of shows this year, mostly around the northeast, and every time we get back in the van it just feels right.

As for where we want to go, we are pumped to get out west. Last summer we toured down to El Paso, Texas and it was absolutely beautiful. We are also all planning to move to southern California early next year as a band. It’s going to be a big step for us in terms of our focus and our ability to write and produce for the band.”


Listen to their latest single, here

Ariana Grande’s “Sweetener”

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From the first second, Sweetener immediately feels special. The pop singer opens with a heavenly ode to those who lost their lives in last years tragic bombing in Manchester with a cover of The Four Seasons’ “An Angel Cried.” Although Grande’s version is redesigned to evoke more emotion; it feels so real.“When raindrops fell down from the sky, the day you left me, an angel cried, oh she cried, an angel cried” after listening to this, it’s hard not to get emotional.

It’s true that Sweetener feels different from the rest of Grande’s discography. It’s not as pop as Dangerous Woman, and not quite as cheeky as Yours Truly. Hip-hop/R&B beats remain but seem elevated, choppier, and more delicately placed. One thing that never changes is her voice. Every song feels like a greeting at the pearly gates; a full choir all in one little girl. Mastermind, Pharrell Williams had a strong hand in the overall production of this album, which you hear directly on the spunky fresh “Blazed.” It feels as though Ariana made sure to handle each song with care. She kept Sweetener real, fun, and honest. Going through a tragedy, a public breakup, and a quick engagement can surely provide an immense amount of content to feed off of.

Speaking of love… Sweetener basically waves a big bright flag saying, “I’M IN LOVE.” From the self-explanatory ode to fiancé “pete davidson” to the flirty “goodnight n go,” and even the cliche TV commercial-esque “sweetener.” Ariana is SMITTEN, and we can tell. “Boy, you’re such a dream to me” in the sparkly “R.E.M” pretty much sums up her feelings about her current love life.

Although this album proves to be fun and dance-y, there’s no shortage of tough topics. “better off” stands out as the singers most mature and heartfelt track on the album. Grande’s voice takes on a lower range as she explores a failing relationship with the urge to leave. While “breathin” and “get well soon” deal with anxiety and self-love head on. Both quickly pull at the heartstrings followed by layered vocals and amplified melodies in shiny perfected harmony.

Sweetener feels beautiful and influential all at once.