Bloom: Short & Sweet

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If you’re already a Troye Sivan fan then you’ve probably heard most of Bloom already; the explosive “My My My”, romantic “Bloom”, and the retro fun “Dance To This” featuring pop queen Ms. Ariana Grande.

This 10-track album packs a full punch, right to the heart and soul. “Seventeen” explores young love and naivety in Sivan’s classic pop production, while the piano-led “Postcard” explores a hardship in a loving relationship. Sivan wanted to make a full-blown love album, so that’s what he did. He told the New York Post, “While I was writing the album, I was experiencing love in a way that I’d never experienced it before. I wanted to write, like, a love album.” 

Charming melodies line “Plum” in a “good things eventually go bad type of way”. Relating love to a fruit, he gently sings, “Maybe our time has come, maybe we’re overgrown, even the sweetest plum, has only got so long.” 

I’d like to say one track stands out among the rest, but that’d be a lie. Each one contains so much beauty and honesty – I think they all deserve their own spotlight. A short and sweet album to match love and all its many elements.

USA Today says, “‘Bloom’ may be the best pop album of 2018.”



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