Addicted to…ZEDD

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Zedd’s second full-length album titled True Colors could be his most emotional yet. Almost every song features simple lyrics and of course the dance drop we’re all waiting for. Zedd pulls in help from vets like Selena Gomez and newcomers like Echosmith and Troye Sivan. That’s the cool thing about Zedd, he’s always willing to let other people shine on his music, whether they have a million fans or a couple hundred. He cares about the final product and not the popularity status. Zedd has perfected his own style as something I like to call Dalectropop. A fancy mixture of dance, electronic, and pop.

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Songs like: “Bumble Bee” and “Addicted to a Memory” follow the harder side of dance music, while “Daisy”, “Illusion”, “I Want You To Know”, and “Straight Into the Fire” focus on storybook lyrics, impeccable vocals, and cohesive electro beats. The best thing about this album is the beauty heard in every song. True Colors is exactly what the dance world needed; to slow down a little bit and appreciate the power of dance/electronic music. It doesn’t have to all be “shake your ass and fist pump”, it can tell stories and provoke true emotions.

Zedd recently told Billboard magazine, “I’m just an album artist. There are singles artists and there are album artists. I don’t think i’m the guy to just be able to put out a song and be fully satisfied with that. Because that puts you so much more into a box.” Sounds like the words of a true artist, my friends. True Colors is meant to be consumed and heard as a whole. Every song has its own strength and weight to the albumA lot of people stereotype DJ’s thinking all they do is play on computers when really they are creating sounds and insane hooks that we normal people could never replicate. Back in December of last year, Zedd released a half hour documentary that explains his success with Clarity and gives more of a closer look into his life. Please watch:

Proof that this album is a continuous vat of emotion and beauty is heard on the final two songs titled “Daisy” and “Illusion”. The lyrics in “Daisy” set the scene for “Illusion”. “Daisy, always climbing up the same tree, finding love in all the wrong scenes, Daisy, you got me” are the words sung out of Julia Michaels mouth (also lends her vocals to “Straight Into the Fire”). This song illustrates the struggle of not knowing a good thing when its right in front of you. The innocence in Michaels’ voice helps the songs message of uncertainty and confusion with the concept of true love. Near the end of the song, piano chords start to play as the intro to the closing track “Illusion”.

This song is almost painfully gorgeous as Sydney Sierota, lead singer of Echosmith, sings, “It feels like the fairytale’s over, I really wanted these pages to begin, with once upon a time, like all those lullabies.” This is the song that makes you cry but also has the power to save you. The hook is “This love is your illusion”, which becomes a mantra you end up hearing yourself singing over and over in your head as Zedd takes over and creates an electronic symphony epically matching the vibe of the song. “Illusion” is absolute magic.

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-Abbey 🙂 

Music Monday’s: No One’s Gonna Love You

No One's Gonna Love You

Key Item: Wolf cut off

Shoe Situation: Grey Mauve Birkenstock


Lead singer Ben Bridwell’s vocals glisten alongside a steady guitar as “No One’s Gonna Love You” begins. A romantic song, that could sing you to sleep (and maybe shed a couple tears?) This is the song you want to hear at your wedding. It stands as a promise of love; “But no one is ever gonna love you more than I do, no one’s gonna love you more than I do.” The most beautiful aspect of this song is the layering effects that are heard throughout it. Guitars have never sounded as magical as they do in this song, almost melancholy. Drums keep a steady backbeat as alt-synths plague the background. Bridwell gracefully leads the listener through a love story. Band of Horses have a way of making songs feel endless, there’s not much to them, but they all hold their own weight and remain relevant in music for years to come. “No One’s Gonna Love You” is one of those songs.

-Abbey 🙂

“I Know Places” – Vance Joy cover

Recently, Taylor Swift tweeted about a cover of one of her 1989 songs, “I Know Places”. A story of a secret relationship, hidden from the public and the unity found within it. Ms. Swift thinks it might be her favorite cover she’s ever seen…and I HAVE to agree. The second I plugged my headphones in and watched the full video, I was obsessed. Vance Joy does a phenomenal job at giving emotion to every single word in the song. Almost as if, “I Know Places” became re-born again through the mouth of Joy himself.


Joy takes a romantic twist on the song, making it all acoustic, using his voice and string plucking fingers to create a gorgeous new song that Ms. Swift is certainly proud of. The chorus is gentler, filling every gap of the guitar chords. Joy’s voice wavers in the most beautiful way as he makes his way to “I know places we can hide.” Near the end, he sings “Just grab my hand and don’t ever drop it, my love,” and it is breathtakingly soft and perfect. The song almost takes on a whole new meaning than the one Swift gave it. Hers is powerful, slightly dark, and loud. While Joy’s could count as a love ballad, something you could hear at a wedding, the elements of love are more prominent with the easygoing pluck of every guitar string. I actually prefer Vance Joy’s cover to the original. I think you will too…


Music Monday’s: And I Drove You Crazy

Drove You Crazy

Key Item: Leather moto jacket

Key Materials: Leather

Shoe Situation: Classic black chelsea boot

Accessory Must: Leather snap back

Banks is the epitome of sassiness. Her debut album Goddess let out every single emotion one could feel about love and loss. “And I Drove You Crazy” is a slow vibe-driven song about confusion and being mislead. We’ve all felt it, “What are you looking for? Wanted to be your girl, and anything you wanted, baby I tried to be.” Banks’ sultry voice builds to an electronic heavy chorus with layered backup vocals to emphasize “I drove you crazy”. You immediately picture a fight between a couple, maybe a couple shoes are being thrown, but there’s also a subtle plea filtered throughout the song. Desperation for love and what she wants it to be and feel like. Banks seems to be in her own genre, every song has layered electronics, while keeping an R&B slow beat as her voice compliments all of it in the most beautiful way.
-Abbey ❤